Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lost the camera stick now!

Well, I hunted out the little Kodak happy-snapper and took a few photos of some projects I am working on these days and went to load them into the computer and - - - - - - - - I pushed the camera stick into the wrong slot and it has disappeared into my tower. Arrrggg!
Just happened to bump into my computer techie yesterday and he said "not a problem". I love computer techies! So maybe I will have some photos next time I blog.
for Dumb!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busted the camera - DRAT!!!

Still no photos!
I dropped the camera and now it won't open. (the little spiral door that opens to expose the lens when you turn it on)
I can nudge it open but then it won't close.
I wanted to take some photos of the quilts I have been working on since Xmas.
The kids bought this camera for me for birthday/mothers day last year. They are not impressed!
I'll have to hunt out a Kodak digital happy-snapper I have around here somewhere.
Got the computer oil and grease changed and tuned up today. Working a treat now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's going to be a lovely day. Expecting 34 * C out here in the Central Tablelands of NSW.

Well, the boss of the Mystery Quilt yahoo group I belong to has given me the go-ahead to run a project, probably starting the second weekend in February. (I'll be on hols for 2 weeks after that weekend)
You will need to be a member of MQ to participate.
Go to to join up and read my message 'Mystery Quilt 12 coming in February' .
The quilt will be 30" x 30" and will be made for you to donate to The Little Quilts Of Love organisation. These people make and supply pretty little quilts to hospitals for the premmie baby wards. The poor wee babies are wrapped in the quilts so their parents can hold them for a while. I've run a mystery quilt before for this organisation and I think there were around 80 quilts made and donated all over Australia last time. Once again, it is my own design, using EQ4 (I'm in the process of getting EQ6) and it's called - - - if I tell you that it will give the game away. So for now I'll call it MQ12. Still got a lot of writing to do, but I'm getting there.
Sorry, no photo today. I'll see if I can come up with something later.

Monday, January 12, 2009


My 2009 New Years resolutions are:
- to drink more champagne,
- learn how to use EQ6 properly,
- start designing and piecing in metric measurements.
I started a Yahoo group called Metric Quilters. If you are interested, come on over, we'll see what we can do with this group going.
So far I'm doing alright in all three resolutions. I've found that quilting and bubbly go well together. I got an early start and have been very productive since Christmas Day. Five kiddie quilt UFO's two years overdue are now ready to go to my quilter, I have designed a small mystery quilt soon to go on the net with the MQ group, and I have also sort-of designed and made three other single bed quilt tops. Today, 12th January 2009, I have been piecing a quilt I cut yesterday (with my wonderful Westalee Rulers). It's in earthy tones, a batik bird print in multi-colours with some of my 'Precious Collection' hand-dyes. I'm calling it "Windmills & Paddocks". It's pinwheels and fourpatch.


That's Rod, (HWS) and the dogs building the back verandah in 2007. It was finished a week before our eldest son Travis & his wife Melissa arrived to spend Christmas with us. Wunda, the Kelpie was the superviser and Jawj the Blue Healer was the brow-mopper. I love my back verandah! My sewing room is thru the doors there beside the little step ladder in the background.


This was taken at Christmas 2007. Yes, we did need woolies and a fire. 2008 Xmas Day wasn't much better weather-wise.
That's #3 son, Aaron with the stick, #1 son Travis, #2 son Nathan with the beanie on, and me and Wunda the Kelpie. (both old girls). Both trees behind us are nearly twice as big now. I'm going to use the Manchurian Pear behind Aaron for our Christmas Tree next time we 'do' Xmas. We did all this garden ourselves. I designed it and Rod built it. It's now 3 years old and I think we have watered it 3 times. It's a water-wise garden.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here I am, - - - let's get on with it.

In 1994 when I discovered rotary cutters and rulers I started quilting again after a horrific hexagon experience back in the '70s. I found that my tag signature fitted patchwork quilting even better than it ever did cross stitch. Then, in 1998, I joined Southern Cross Quilters and when the Kosovo refugees came to Australia, I was part of the huge SCQuilter's effort to make a quilt for each of them. We made 4000+ quilts. My tag was adapted and used on the labels. I'm very proud of that. And Cathy Miller has written it into one of her songs too!
I'm in my fifties, married, with 3 adult sons, one very nice daughter-in-law, but no grand kids yet. I told them last year that they are all getting too old to start having kids so instead of grand kids I now want jewelry.
He Who Suffers and I live in rural New South Wales with an 15year old Kelpie and a 2 year old Blue Healer. He's retired and I work full time shift work to keep him in the manner to which he is becoming very used too. I introduce him as my Toy Boy these days.
And in my free time, I quilt.
That's me!