Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here I am, - - - let's get on with it.

In 1994 when I discovered rotary cutters and rulers I started quilting again after a horrific hexagon experience back in the '70s. I found that my tag signature fitted patchwork quilting even better than it ever did cross stitch. Then, in 1998, I joined Southern Cross Quilters and when the Kosovo refugees came to Australia, I was part of the huge SCQuilter's effort to make a quilt for each of them. We made 4000+ quilts. My tag was adapted and used on the labels. I'm very proud of that. And Cathy Miller has written it into one of her songs too!
I'm in my fifties, married, with 3 adult sons, one very nice daughter-in-law, but no grand kids yet. I told them last year that they are all getting too old to start having kids so instead of grand kids I now want jewelry.
He Who Suffers and I live in rural New South Wales with an 15year old Kelpie and a 2 year old Blue Healer. He's retired and I work full time shift work to keep him in the manner to which he is becoming very used too. I introduce him as my Toy Boy these days.
And in my free time, I quilt.
That's me!


  1. Dee,
    Welcome to the blogging world! Enjoy!
    Judy B

  2. Ha! I love your attitude! i call my hubby Prince Charming!

    Sam in Middle TN