Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's going to be a lovely day. Expecting 34 * C out here in the Central Tablelands of NSW.

Well, the boss of the Mystery Quilt yahoo group I belong to has given me the go-ahead to run a project, probably starting the second weekend in February. (I'll be on hols for 2 weeks after that weekend)
You will need to be a member of MQ to participate.
Go to to join up and read my message 'Mystery Quilt 12 coming in February' .
The quilt will be 30" x 30" and will be made for you to donate to The Little Quilts Of Love organisation. These people make and supply pretty little quilts to hospitals for the premmie baby wards. The poor wee babies are wrapped in the quilts so their parents can hold them for a while. I've run a mystery quilt before for this organisation and I think there were around 80 quilts made and donated all over Australia last time. Once again, it is my own design, using EQ4 (I'm in the process of getting EQ6) and it's called - - - if I tell you that it will give the game away. So for now I'll call it MQ12. Still got a lot of writing to do, but I'm getting there.
Sorry, no photo today. I'll see if I can come up with something later.

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