Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wot I Dun T'day

G'day All.
These days it's s bit hard to even get near my computer as I now have two adult sons living at home again, (both single, house-trained, going cheap!!!) plus a retired online-poker-
playing hubby to contend with, so yesterday I staged a 'sit in' after pleading "I just want to check my emails for this week" and refused to give up the chair! (Power to mutha!!! ;)
I spent a lot of time last night tidying up computer, mainly photo albums, using Picasa3, got rid of all the duplicates. (Big Bubba has got to be 20 kilos lighter now.)
Today, I also tidied up all my metric quilt designs in EQ6. Got rid of all the variations on each theme that I didn't like but had got saved along the way. But none of my metricEQ6 quilts have the instructions written up yet. So I've also been net-surfing, mainly looking at 'freebie' quilt patterns, researching and comparing the styles of other quilt instruction writers. I'm trying to workout if there is a a 'formula' for writing patterns that I can apply to my own stuff.

Anyone who has designed and written quilt instructions in metric measurements is welcome to post them to my METRIC QUILTERS group.
(I DO NOT want 'converted from inches' patterns)

Of course you will have to join up first. Then please start yourself a named folder in the group's 'Files' section and put your designs and patterns in there. (see my file as an example)

If there is anyone out there with previous metric quilting and designing experience please speak up.

(for demented???)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

this is a competition quilt I co-ordinated recently. We are selling tickets to help raise maney to go towards the SCQuilters 2010 retreat which is going to be held here in Bathurst, NSW.

Designing Quilts in Metric

I have decided to go ahead with quilting in metric and have renamed the Yahoo Group I formed for this project.
It's now called METRIC QUILTING and there is a link to it at the side there. >

So, these days I am busy re- designing and re-writing my favourite quilt patterns into metric measurements. Easy Peasy Deesigns.
The first one, that I'm working on now is a kid's sized 9Patch. Basic.
See ya later - - - - much later.
I'm going to be busy.