Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Day of Winter 2009

You need to click on each photo to get a good look.
The Manchurian Pear in the backyard is beginning to bloom and some daffodils and blue bells are beginning to appear.
< looking toward the street.           
                            Looking north > 
The land behind us is slowly being built on.  We will eventually have neighbours against the back fence. We don't have any 'formal' garden beds in the back yard. And no lawn. Every thing is mulch and/or river rocks. We have only had to apply water 3 times in 4 years.We did all this ourselves from the original design to the planting. Rod 'loves' rocks. 
 < Looking back towards the house.

This is the garden at the front door. The hydranga is going to be magnificent again this year. There is also purpley prostrate thing , arrun lillies, a fern tree, a camellia, and a green and yellow shrub thing. They were all in the garden when we moved in, but we made the garden bigger, edged it and mulched it. Daffodills, helebores and grannies bonnets are also showing right now. The cyclamens haven't shown at all this year.
This is on the other side of the path to the front door. We put this in cause it was a useless piece of lawn to mow. There is a mini azalea and a hellebore and some big rocks 'found' somewhere in our travels. I told you Rod likes rocks. So does Aaron, the big red one on the left comes from the Northern Territory. He 'picked' it up on his way 'home' from the army last year.

We have planted magnolias on each side of the drive way. They are both going to bloom well this year. We missed them last year cause we were on our Longreach holiday. By the time we got back they had finished. Neighbour Jenny said they were very nice. The idea is to shade the driveway. Might take a while. Going to put a silk tree on either side too.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

D9P #1 Layout

Well, here it is in the final layout.

I don't think anything will be changed. 

It took 3 of us nearly an hour to decide on this. 

I got out voted on the 5x5 block layout as the tall people in this family don't like square quilts. (they'd rather wrestle a rectangular one around figuring out which way is the longest way).

So it's ended up a 4x6 block layout . 

The spare block, the one rejected by my resident 'quilt police', will go on the back 

The one really light patch in it that caused it to be rejected will be written on for a label.
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Tailes spelt wrong - - - I know

I know it's spelt wrong. 
It's supposed to be. 

I couldn't decide if it was going to be Tails (as in what a dog wags) or Tales (as in stories about them) so I combined the two.

Wunda & Jawj meet for the first time

This is me introducing Wunda and Jawj for the first time. 
Jawj was 'adopted' in August 2007. He was found injured and abandoned on the side of the road in front of Bathurst Gaol (Jail). We think he may have fallen off a truck. He nearly didn't make it. He is an Australian Blue Heeler and if the book's anything to go by, a bloody good one. Pity he's had the snip. Wunda is an Australian Kelpie, a black and tan, there's others that are chocolate coloured. She was a 'throw-away' dog too. We have had her for over 13 years. She is 15yrs old now. An 'Old Girl' like me. We both take glucosamine every day so we can keep moving. 
It's a rare photo to catch me still in my uniform, I usually change as soon as I walk in the door.
That's taken in the family room on the back of the house. It goes out onto a veranda that looks north. My sewing room is next door to this room.
Jawj is said George . . . it's a long story!?

Hole in Shed Door - a past glory Phd.

Here's one of the first quilts I ever made, probably '94 or 95. Still haven't finished it. Only got the binding to do but I can't find it.  I was a snail mail swapper in those days. I sent out the centres and got these back and did the same for the people who sent them back to me.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Even crappier

Back from the doctors.
Same old same old . . . . loose weight.
One sure way of inducing a W.E.A.P.
Yeah sure Doc, I'll just go home and wake up skinny in the morning!

Got to have a ct scan done too some time soon.

I'm going to bed!


Feeling Crappy

Didn't go to work today.
Got up, showered and halfway thru dressing I went all woozy and kind of passed out. Poor old dog Wunda broke my fall. HWS rang work to say I wouldn't be there and managed to get a docs appt at 2pm today. Work are going to have another spazz attack about my sick-leave. (It's them hassling me that makes me feel worse!)
I still feel a bit light headed. And my ears are ringing something awful and my tummy is doing flip-flops.
Have had a couple of dizzy spells over the past week and have been feeling a bit asthma-ee. Haven't felt right since I went down with the swine flu 50 days ago.
Don't feel too bad right now. Might do some more on the D9P.
for in-Disposed

Friday, August 28, 2009

FF - progressing nicely

Some of them chopped and re-stitched. Just to give you all an idea of what a conglomoration this is going to be.

Haven't decided if I like it yet.
Do like the process tho.
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Friday Flaunt - Latest Phd.

This is what I have been doing today.
It is intended as an exercise in Disappearing Nine Patch.
I have put together, totally at random, 25 Nine Patch blocks.

The main fabrics are a 'collection' I bought a couple of months ago, wish I could remember where, cause I am going to need to find something to border and bind this quilt when it is finished.

I added a few more fabrics, mainly hand-dyes, there was only 1 h-d in the collection, the mid blue.
Now I have to cut them into quarters.

Don't know who this quilt will belong to. Nobody springs to mind as I make it.
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Hugs & Kisses For My Sister #3

this is Janet's Hugs & Kisses For My Sister
Janet lives in New Zealand.
It was made waybackwhen I first started quilting, so sometime after 1994 but before 2000.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cat Quilt - 2005

Made (and finished) in 2005 for Cat, a friend.
"The Cat Quilt"
She loves cats, I don't.

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'Hugs & Kisses For My Sister #2"

One of three "Hugs and Kisses For My Sister" quilts made waybackwhen for my sisters.
The block is Sisters Choice.
This one is Liz's. 
Liz lives in Victoria.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Was going thru a few albums the other day and found this photo of the second quilt I ever made. I actually back-stitched for the hand quilting - didn't know any better! Don't know how the photo is going to show up in this blog. It was taken just after I finished the quilt in 1994 and is not of very good quility. I made it for my niece, Bronny who was only a wee thing at the time.
Haven't got a photo of the first quilt I made, must remedy that, (think it must have been started around 1974 and finally finished in 1977 or 78 and given to my s-i-l Maureen for her babies to use as a floor rug). It was a dreaded hexagon quilt and quite turned me off quilting all together. It has an aircell blanket in it for wadding. Didn't know what to use for wadding at the time. It's falling apart now.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Early Friday Flaunting

Here's some more Friday Flaunt, - - - early.
This is Aunty Brenda's Quilt. I have always thought of it as "Brenda's Mosaic". The quilt top was made way back in 1994 or 95 but it was only earlier this year that I actually quilted it.

FF for HWS

Have to include a Friday Flaunt for He Who Suffers here too. (see previous photos of him building the verandah)
Here are a couple of photos of the lattice Rod put up on the western end of the verandah. It took him hours and hours to paint it all before he put it up. Poor bugga.
There is a shrub at the end of the verandah that blocks out the Summer sunset nicely but we needed something to cut the Winter sunset, and cut the 'breeze' that blows in from the west at times. We have plans to grow vines??? over it. Maybe passion-fruit, or jasmine, or honey-suckle or something else nice and scented.

Getting in Early With My Friday Flaunt

I'm getting in early with my Friday Flaunt 'cause I have a busy day tomorrow.
Here is a photo of the quilt I finished this past week for my Uncle Gordon. It was a mystery quilt done with SCQuilters a few years ago. I did mainly stitching in the ditch (needs improving) and some meander (drunken wander) in the border.
I haven't got a name for it yet. He was a bit if a beach boy in his day. Blond and well built going by the photos. Spent some time in Fiji as a young man. Hence the Hawaiian shirt material reminding me of him.
I'm almost out of that blue waves fabric too. Very useful.
Now to get this one and Aunty B's up to Newcastle soon. Just where is Bonnells Bay????

Note to self: remember to take photos of Aunty B's quilt too.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The black and blue quilt is from last month. It was made for a dog-lover friend
of my s-i-l, Dawn. The friend was/is a good one and was wonderful when Dawn's
husband Ron was so ill before he died in 2007. It's called 'Puppy Love'. Very unimaginative of me, eh?

The 'Better Than A Bunch of Flowers' quilt was handed over this afternoon. I
have just got off the phone with the lady I made it for.
Some of you might remember the news story a couple of months ago about a crash
on the road going up the mountain to Oberon. A 4WD towing a caravan was coming
down the hill and lost it, and drove up over a Mazda car. The driver of the
Mazda is the wife of one of the guys I work with in the ACMU. We have done a lot
of shifts together over the years. So I made her a 'quicky quilt' (which has
taken me a month to finish!) She is home from hospital now but still in a
wheelchair with lots of rehab ahead of her. So I made a lap quilt, with no
batting, just polar fleece as the backing. It will drape/wrap nicely around her
legs. I called it 'Better Than A Bunch of Flowers.' It's 6.5inch squares of
tulip fabric and Nine-patches. It turned out brighter (busyer) than I thought it
for done good!

Friday Flaunt
This week and from a month ago.