Sunday, August 30, 2009

D9P #1 Layout

Well, here it is in the final layout.

I don't think anything will be changed. 

It took 3 of us nearly an hour to decide on this. 

I got out voted on the 5x5 block layout as the tall people in this family don't like square quilts. (they'd rather wrestle a rectangular one around figuring out which way is the longest way).

So it's ended up a 4x6 block layout . 

The spare block, the one rejected by my resident 'quilt police', will go on the back 

The one really light patch in it that caused it to be rejected will be written on for a label.
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  1. Hi Dee Your quilts are all beautiful, like your trellis you put up and love your two dogs. Love and hugs Dianne

  2. I really like the layout you ended with....nice....but then it is purple and for me it could be arranged in any fashion and would still be beautiful...maybe I am not the best judge of design when it comes to the color purple......I LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. I like the layout you selected. As a name I'd be thinking along the line of Purple Passion or the Passionfruit Quilt.

  4. Yep I like it - its purple whats not to like LOL......seriously its great

  5. It looks good, Del. I haven't made a D9P yet, still on my (ever growing) list.