Saturday, August 29, 2009

Feeling Crappy

Didn't go to work today.
Got up, showered and halfway thru dressing I went all woozy and kind of passed out. Poor old dog Wunda broke my fall. HWS rang work to say I wouldn't be there and managed to get a docs appt at 2pm today. Work are going to have another spazz attack about my sick-leave. (It's them hassling me that makes me feel worse!)
I still feel a bit light headed. And my ears are ringing something awful and my tummy is doing flip-flops.
Have had a couple of dizzy spells over the past week and have been feeling a bit asthma-ee. Haven't felt right since I went down with the swine flu 50 days ago.
Don't feel too bad right now. Might do some more on the D9P.
for in-Disposed

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