Thursday, August 20, 2009

FF for HWS

Have to include a Friday Flaunt for He Who Suffers here too. (see previous photos of him building the verandah)
Here are a couple of photos of the lattice Rod put up on the western end of the verandah. It took him hours and hours to paint it all before he put it up. Poor bugga.
There is a shrub at the end of the verandah that blocks out the Summer sunset nicely but we needed something to cut the Winter sunset, and cut the 'breeze' that blows in from the west at times. We have plans to grow vines??? over it. Maybe passion-fruit, or jasmine, or honey-suckle or something else nice and scented.


  1. you had to paint it? Is the lattice wooden? Now they make PVC lattice & I seen it in 3 colors @ Lowe's. Green, white & some light brown color....

    Sam in Middle TN

  2. told him that but he didn't like the look of the pvc lattice.
    His choise to get the wooden lattice = his job to paint it.
    He's painted the veranda/decking today.
    Broken down tonight!