Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting in Early With My Friday Flaunt

I'm getting in early with my Friday Flaunt 'cause I have a busy day tomorrow.
Here is a photo of the quilt I finished this past week for my Uncle Gordon. It was a mystery quilt done with SCQuilters a few years ago. I did mainly stitching in the ditch (needs improving) and some meander (drunken wander) in the border.
I haven't got a name for it yet. He was a bit if a beach boy in his day. Blond and well built going by the photos. Spent some time in Fiji as a young man. Hence the Hawaiian shirt material reminding me of him.
I'm almost out of that blue waves fabric too. Very useful.
Now to get this one and Aunty B's up to Newcastle soon. Just where is Bonnells Bay????

Note to self: remember to take photos of Aunty B's quilt too.


  1. Ah, it looks gorgeous, Del! And I am sure your 'drunken staggering' quilting will be perfectly fine, too!!!!Hugs,

  2. Truly top quilt there. I am sure he will love it.