Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Day of Winter 2009

You need to click on each photo to get a good look.
The Manchurian Pear in the backyard is beginning to bloom and some daffodils and blue bells are beginning to appear.
< looking toward the street.           
                            Looking north > 
The land behind us is slowly being built on.  We will eventually have neighbours against the back fence. We don't have any 'formal' garden beds in the back yard. And no lawn. Every thing is mulch and/or river rocks. We have only had to apply water 3 times in 4 years.We did all this ourselves from the original design to the planting. Rod 'loves' rocks. 
 < Looking back towards the house.

This is the garden at the front door. The hydranga is going to be magnificent again this year. There is also purpley prostrate thing , arrun lillies, a fern tree, a camellia, and a green and yellow shrub thing. They were all in the garden when we moved in, but we made the garden bigger, edged it and mulched it. Daffodills, helebores and grannies bonnets are also showing right now. The cyclamens haven't shown at all this year.
This is on the other side of the path to the front door. We put this in cause it was a useless piece of lawn to mow. There is a mini azalea and a hellebore and some big rocks 'found' somewhere in our travels. I told you Rod likes rocks. So does Aaron, the big red one on the left comes from the Northern Territory. He 'picked' it up on his way 'home' from the army last year.

We have planted magnolias on each side of the drive way. They are both going to bloom well this year. We missed them last year cause we were on our Longreach holiday. By the time we got back they had finished. Neighbour Jenny said they were very nice. The idea is to shade the driveway. Might take a while. Going to put a silk tree on either side too.


  1. The blossom on the tree is lovely. Lucky you to be able to see it up close. Hope you are feeling better now.