Saturday, August 22, 2009

Was going thru a few albums the other day and found this photo of the second quilt I ever made. I actually back-stitched for the hand quilting - didn't know any better! Don't know how the photo is going to show up in this blog. It was taken just after I finished the quilt in 1994 and is not of very good quility. I made it for my niece, Bronny who was only a wee thing at the time.
Haven't got a photo of the first quilt I made, must remedy that, (think it must have been started around 1974 and finally finished in 1977 or 78 and given to my s-i-l Maureen for her babies to use as a floor rug). It was a dreaded hexagon quilt and quite turned me off quilting all together. It has an aircell blanket in it for wadding. Didn't know what to use for wadding at the time. It's falling apart now.

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