Friday, September 25, 2009

Retreat Printing - Friday Flaunt

I haven't got a sewing project to show today for Friday Flaunt, but I can show you photos of what I was doing today.

It is quilting related.

You see, I'm on a committee that is organising the 2010 Southern Cross Quilters Retreat, to be held here in Bathurst NSW in May next year.

Today was the day we printed up all the info and forms for the registration packs. I went around to Christines place where she had two printers and computers set up.

We also had a Christine's four legged Quilt Police as 'supervisors', Macy (black) and Murphy (white).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poor Jawj

He went barrrrkserk last night!

Got soaking wet and then thought he was going to come inside!
I think not!

This morning he is a red cattle dog!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jawj saves us from the storm

Earlier on in the month, a couple of storms passed thru Bathurst.

Lots of rain, hail, thunder and lightning.
Both of us being storm-watchers from way back, HWS & I sat on the back veranda thru the whole tempest.

Jawj is our 3 year old Blue Healer.
We got him from the pound after he had been run over outside the gaol.

He spends a lot of time on the back veranda too. As you can see, he has claimed a chair for his own use.

He thinks he's tough and often saves us from deadly flocks of starlings, flesh eating cows over the fence, and killer kids riding bikes on the vacant land behind us.

Well, he took on the storm.

Growled and barked and told it off.

Then when it didn't pay any attention to him, he hid under the table.

Monday, September 21, 2009

3rd BBF photos - can't add text

I'm having trouble adding text in amongst all the photos of the 3rd Bathurst Bun Fight.
Does anyone else have this problem???
The only way around it that I can think of is to load them one at a time and write the text.

2002 Third Bathurst Bun Fight Photos

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Flaunt - Coastal Quilt = Phd at present.

This was a Mystery Quilt done with SCQuilters back in 2003 I think. I can't remember who ran this one. It was really fun to do. The descriptions and instructions were very innovative and interesting.  
This is the layout the designer had in mind. But altho I let it lay on the lounge-room floor for a week, it just didn't grow on me.   Sorry about that designer.
Looks like my scanner has a problem too, there's a big line down the photo.  

So I fiddled around with the layout and came up with this one. It reminded me of a coastal scene. We had recently been down the South Coast for a weekend.
I received it back from the quilter, the talented belinda Betts of Eucalypt Ridge Quilting, at the Bathurst Bun Fight 09, last saturday. Now I have to find the binding I had already made for it and put it on and ta-dah, it's finished.

I will just quckly tell you now the 'story' the quilt tells.

At the top we have the stars in the sky, (obviously) Below them is the deep waters and currents of the ocean as it travells past the continents. Then we have the coastal waters, (the hawiian print), with lots of sea creatures, lots of movement. Behind that is the inland water, scattered about but also teeming with life.
Then along the coast, spreading out into the land comes the complex blue/yellow/maroon whirly gig blocks which represent the diverse nature of the people that inhabit the land. All different yet all forming a unit of humanity, all connected in some way.
Further inland,  around and nearby the people are the 'wheels of industry' (the whirly gigs of just maroon & yellow.
The border is the many tracks we take too amd from our coast/land in every direction.
I've got some photos of the quilting Belinda has done on the different sections of the scene but I'm not going to have time to upload them and describe them before I have to go to work today. She interpreted what I have just told you all with great skill and I want you too see what great work she does. But that will have to wait, I have run out of time. I must away to my grind-stone.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I am going to have to edit all the 3rd BBF photos as I am finding it impossible to add captions and I do want to tell you about what is going on.
Eventually I will get the 2009 BBF photos and story up. So stand by!

Friday, September 11, 2009

No Friday Flaunt - So here's a Past Glory

Parrots Out My Window
From 'Trans Tasman Traders' days. (early 90s before I had internet)
Don't have a Friday Flaunt this week so had to show you a Past Glory. 
I'm off to the Bathurst Bun Fight 2009 tomorrow - maybe I will see some of you there!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Somethin' to put a smile on ya dial!

A friend sent me some funny animal photos. Thought I would share some with you every now and then.
The captions were already on the photos.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I had to upload it again.
I wonder why it did that?
I wonder where my 1st BBF photos wen too????

I didn't move them?

Will have to sort it out when I get home tonight.

Friday, September 4, 2009



This is a photo of some of the attendees of the First Bathurst Bun Fight in 2000.

That's Victoria on the right, the quilter who helped me get the whole idea going.

That's Belinda on the left, of Eucalypt Ridge Quilting fame. Harry, her 'fresh' bub is under the table - the only male to ever have attended a Bun Fight.


What is a BATHURST BUN FIGHT - - - I'm glad you asked.
Way, way back in at the turn of the century, there were only 2 or 3 Southern Cross Quilters (an internet group) in Bathurst and we didn’t know each other. And I was always moaning that all the get-togethers happened down in Sydney - I’d even taken a sickie to go to a Christmas luncheon. So one day I had a brain-flash and the First Bathurst Bun Fight happened a few weeks later.
So why is it called a Bun Fight.?
Well, me and another internet quilter, (Victoria where are you????) had a chat about the idea on ICQ, and decided that the tea room above a particular bakery in Bathurst would be a nice place to gather as the two of us had met there for coffee when Victoria was in Bathurst on business. Hence the name ‘Bun Fight’ was thought apt. But when HWS & I checked out the bakery, we found that the out-look from upstairs was not very inviting - a couple of vacant shops and the gungy old Kings Hotel, the early opener in town. Bluuurg! So off we went to try out a couple of other places in town. Once we walked out on to the balcony to dine at Crepes Royale in William St one night with friends, we knew that this was the place to hold a ladies lunch and I booked us in that night. The Bun Fight name sounded so good I decided to keep it and the event very quickly became the First Bathurst Bun Fight. (FBBF - I think it was 2000 but maybe 2001. Someone who was there might remember which)
The First Bathurst Bun Fight went off without a hitch (apart from me having a minor panic attack when 10:20am came along and no one had arrived). Spotlight donated 2 Kai cutters, Sionwyn Lee Designs (where are you Sionwyn??)donated a hand-dyed applique pack for prizes. I made 15 lotus bags and put a scented candle, some bath beads in them and a little card announcing a prize into three of them. By 11am fourteen SCQuilters had arrived from near and far and we all had a wonderful time. I think we finished up about 2:30pm.
So the next year, we did it all again and 28 internet quilters came, some of them from even further away. We went from 2 tables the first year to half the balcony the second year and the whole balcony the 3rd year when over 35 quilters attended. Then the fourth BBF had to be cancelled 'cause I hurt either my knee or my back, (can’t remember which) and there wasn’t another Bun Fight for a few years. Until now, 2009, when a few quilters started asking me about this again and I put out a EOI to a couple of internet quilt groups I belong to. Enough were interested and willing to come to beautiful Bathurst on a Saturday in the Spring, so The Bathurst Bun Fight 2009 was called.
ALL INTERNET QUILTERS ARE WELCOME TO COME – if you don’t, how will you get to meet anyone?
How about you come to the next one?!
Del Soden
a Bathurst Bun Fight El Primo Bag Lady.
The following is a brief run down of what happens at a Bathurst Bun Fight.
Every Bun Fighter is asked to bring a gift wrapped present worth at least $5 for the LUCKY DIP. (I have not asked for donations from quilty businesses this year so there will be no give-aways.)
LUNCH and meet and greet other internet quilters.
-       PUBLIC HANGING (<---- of course you knew I meant hanging quilts, didn't you)
-       SHOW & TELL =  throughout the event.
-       BLOCK DRAW = Nine-Patch Pairs.  Ya gotta be in itto win it!
-       DEE BAG LADY FREE FOR ALL =  This is a give-away. "one persons trash is another persons treasure" in action.
I will re write the particulars  of each of these activities soon and they will be published to the group in plenty of time for you to get your gear ready to bring along with you for the next  BATHURST BUN FIGHT.


This is my Friday Flaunt for this week. I still have a few pairs to finish.

These are Nine Patch Pairs to go in the draw at the 
Bathurst Bun Fight 2009 
which is going to be held here in Bathurst on Saturday 12th September 2009, Crepe's Royale, William St, (opp the Carillion park) 11am - 3pm.
(that's next saturday quilters!!!!)
The theme for the Nine Patch Pairs draw this year is 
'Blue and Brown For Blokes'. 
I am really hoping I get to win at least one bundle as I still have a few bloke's quilts to make.

Just in case a few more internet quilters decide to come, on a last min whim, I'll add ALL the info about the BBFs here at the blog next. But I warn you, it's a lot of reading, unless I can find some photos of the past Bun Fights it will be all text. 
Basically, it is a get together lunch for internet quilters. We have a 'Public Hanging', (they let us hang our quilts along the balcony, bring your own means of hanging.) the friendship of fellow internet quilters, 'Show and Tell', lunch, a 'Nine Patch Pairs' draw (ya gotta be in it to win it) and the famous 'Bag Lady Free For All' on offer as entertainment for the day.  
Each attendee is to bring a gift wrapped present worth at least $5 for a 'lucky dip exchange'. (I have not solicited gifts from sponsors for this years Bun Fight.)
Be there or be a square  . . . in a square!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have a brain

Not long got home from the doc who has the results of the brain scan I had done the other day when I 'spun out'.
Yes folks, it's official, . . . . I have a brain and it's normal. 

So, just what is wrong with me that I have dizzy spells, weakness in my right leg, ringing ears?   . . . . . . . . . you guessed it . . . . . . . . loose weight.
Anyone got a magic potion so I can wake up skinny tomorrow,  . . . or next week even.

Not cheers


Here it is 3 days into Spring and it's very cold and overcast. Weather man says we are in fior it. This is to be expected in Bathurst. The wind is blowing the blossoms off my pear tree. That's a shame.
Gotta go to the docs today to find out the results of my scann the other day.
Worried, but not too concerned, I don't feel crook today. Haven't had a dizzy spel since yesterday morn.