Friday, September 4, 2009


This is my Friday Flaunt for this week. I still have a few pairs to finish.

These are Nine Patch Pairs to go in the draw at the 
Bathurst Bun Fight 2009 
which is going to be held here in Bathurst on Saturday 12th September 2009, Crepe's Royale, William St, (opp the Carillion park) 11am - 3pm.
(that's next saturday quilters!!!!)
The theme for the Nine Patch Pairs draw this year is 
'Blue and Brown For Blokes'. 
I am really hoping I get to win at least one bundle as I still have a few bloke's quilts to make.

Just in case a few more internet quilters decide to come, on a last min whim, I'll add ALL the info about the BBFs here at the blog next. But I warn you, it's a lot of reading, unless I can find some photos of the past Bun Fights it will be all text. 
Basically, it is a get together lunch for internet quilters. We have a 'Public Hanging', (they let us hang our quilts along the balcony, bring your own means of hanging.) the friendship of fellow internet quilters, 'Show and Tell', lunch, a 'Nine Patch Pairs' draw (ya gotta be in it to win it) and the famous 'Bag Lady Free For All' on offer as entertainment for the day.  
Each attendee is to bring a gift wrapped present worth at least $5 for a 'lucky dip exchange'. (I have not solicited gifts from sponsors for this years Bun Fight.)
Be there or be a square  . . . in a square!


  1. Love the blocks. Would never have thought of combining those two colours together but will definitely give it a go as I have lots of both.

  2. 2nd try seems Cinzia got through but I didn'
    well done on the sewing.
    I remember well when you planned the First Bun Fight. do you remember me hOps from ICQ on the other channel.

  3. Sure do!
    Hi Hops! Nice to see you again!!!

  4. Oh, I love blue and brown combo, so not just for blokes!