Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Flaunt - Coastal Quilt = Phd at present.

This was a Mystery Quilt done with SCQuilters back in 2003 I think. I can't remember who ran this one. It was really fun to do. The descriptions and instructions were very innovative and interesting.  
This is the layout the designer had in mind. But altho I let it lay on the lounge-room floor for a week, it just didn't grow on me.   Sorry about that designer.
Looks like my scanner has a problem too, there's a big line down the photo.  

So I fiddled around with the layout and came up with this one. It reminded me of a coastal scene. We had recently been down the South Coast for a weekend.
I received it back from the quilter, the talented belinda Betts of Eucalypt Ridge Quilting, at the Bathurst Bun Fight 09, last saturday. Now I have to find the binding I had already made for it and put it on and ta-dah, it's finished.

I will just quckly tell you now the 'story' the quilt tells.

At the top we have the stars in the sky, (obviously) Below them is the deep waters and currents of the ocean as it travells past the continents. Then we have the coastal waters, (the hawiian print), with lots of sea creatures, lots of movement. Behind that is the inland water, scattered about but also teeming with life.
Then along the coast, spreading out into the land comes the complex blue/yellow/maroon whirly gig blocks which represent the diverse nature of the people that inhabit the land. All different yet all forming a unit of humanity, all connected in some way.
Further inland,  around and nearby the people are the 'wheels of industry' (the whirly gigs of just maroon & yellow.
The border is the many tracks we take too amd from our coast/land in every direction.
I've got some photos of the quilting Belinda has done on the different sections of the scene but I'm not going to have time to upload them and describe them before I have to go to work today. She interpreted what I have just told you all with great skill and I want you too see what great work she does. But that will have to wait, I have run out of time. I must away to my grind-stone.


  1. I like the asymmetrical setting on your final layout. some real zingers in there

  2. Love the quilt and your story.

  3. I love this layout, I did this mystery quilt and didn't like the final layout to save it I appliqued all over it an underwater scene with mermaids, sea horses coral, yachts sailing on the water sun lighthouse the backing had a wavy design so I quilted from the back following the lines.

  4. great layout.......its very cool

  5. Much prefer your layout - somewhat calmer!

  6. Great Layout Del! I love the combination of colours.

    Did the inchies arrive (I'm without email at the moment (School server appaers to be down - grr)?


  7. I especially like your own spin on someone else's design, very clever!

  8. I have changed the layout of some of the MQs I did ... but - oddly enough - not that one - LOL
    - mine actually worked as designed because I just happened to have chosen fabrics that the layout worked with ... I never did finish it though - it is still half quilted - I really should drag it out and finish it sometime - lol
    btw - I think it was MQ5 ... (yes it must have been - I just found an old e-mail I posted to that list, talking all about the fabrics I had chosen - one print with cats, and a whole pile of matching plain homespuns ... and eek - I had forgotten I actually BOUGHT those homespuns to go with the cat fabric I already had, for that quilt!)