Friday, September 4, 2009


What is a BATHURST BUN FIGHT - - - I'm glad you asked.
Way, way back in at the turn of the century, there were only 2 or 3 Southern Cross Quilters (an internet group) in Bathurst and we didn’t know each other. And I was always moaning that all the get-togethers happened down in Sydney - I’d even taken a sickie to go to a Christmas luncheon. So one day I had a brain-flash and the First Bathurst Bun Fight happened a few weeks later.
So why is it called a Bun Fight.?
Well, me and another internet quilter, (Victoria where are you????) had a chat about the idea on ICQ, and decided that the tea room above a particular bakery in Bathurst would be a nice place to gather as the two of us had met there for coffee when Victoria was in Bathurst on business. Hence the name ‘Bun Fight’ was thought apt. But when HWS & I checked out the bakery, we found that the out-look from upstairs was not very inviting - a couple of vacant shops and the gungy old Kings Hotel, the early opener in town. Bluuurg! So off we went to try out a couple of other places in town. Once we walked out on to the balcony to dine at Crepes Royale in William St one night with friends, we knew that this was the place to hold a ladies lunch and I booked us in that night. The Bun Fight name sounded so good I decided to keep it and the event very quickly became the First Bathurst Bun Fight. (FBBF - I think it was 2000 but maybe 2001. Someone who was there might remember which)
The First Bathurst Bun Fight went off without a hitch (apart from me having a minor panic attack when 10:20am came along and no one had arrived). Spotlight donated 2 Kai cutters, Sionwyn Lee Designs (where are you Sionwyn??)donated a hand-dyed applique pack for prizes. I made 15 lotus bags and put a scented candle, some bath beads in them and a little card announcing a prize into three of them. By 11am fourteen SCQuilters had arrived from near and far and we all had a wonderful time. I think we finished up about 2:30pm.
So the next year, we did it all again and 28 internet quilters came, some of them from even further away. We went from 2 tables the first year to half the balcony the second year and the whole balcony the 3rd year when over 35 quilters attended. Then the fourth BBF had to be cancelled 'cause I hurt either my knee or my back, (can’t remember which) and there wasn’t another Bun Fight for a few years. Until now, 2009, when a few quilters started asking me about this again and I put out a EOI to a couple of internet quilt groups I belong to. Enough were interested and willing to come to beautiful Bathurst on a Saturday in the Spring, so The Bathurst Bun Fight 2009 was called.
ALL INTERNET QUILTERS ARE WELCOME TO COME – if you don’t, how will you get to meet anyone?
How about you come to the next one?!
Del Soden
a Bathurst Bun Fight El Primo Bag Lady.
The following is a brief run down of what happens at a Bathurst Bun Fight.
Every Bun Fighter is asked to bring a gift wrapped present worth at least $5 for the LUCKY DIP. (I have not asked for donations from quilty businesses this year so there will be no give-aways.)
LUNCH and meet and greet other internet quilters.
-       PUBLIC HANGING (<---- of course you knew I meant hanging quilts, didn't you)
-       SHOW & TELL =  throughout the event.
-       BLOCK DRAW = Nine-Patch Pairs.  Ya gotta be in itto win it!
-       DEE BAG LADY FREE FOR ALL =  This is a give-away. "one persons trash is another persons treasure" in action.
I will re write the particulars  of each of these activities soon and they will be published to the group in plenty of time for you to get your gear ready to bring along with you for the next  BATHURST BUN FIGHT.


  1. hey Del, here I am! LTNS lol ... how goes? So which Saturday in Spring are we talking about, here?

  2. nice to hear from you.
    How (and where) are you these days.