Friday, December 18, 2009

A.C.M.U. Works Do. Dec 2009.

Went to the Works Do.
Crazy mob I work with. We had a Bare-foot Bowling, BBQ & bBeverages night. Lots of fun.

I have never lawn bowled before. And managed to get Two bee stings on the same foot within a half inch of each other.

Most of us needed some instruction.

Some more than others

But we all has sooooo much fun, time really got away on us.. 
It was really dark by the time 'some' of us decided to call it a day!

That's Mick 'lighting the way' for his team.
This is the team I was in.

Lance & Graham
Sherelle & Del.
Love the rose shirt Lance. Me and Hilly won. Which was a big surprise to us as most of my bowls ended up in the ditch.

Back row: Coralie, Peter, 
Front: Fiona, Geoff, Narelle.

Gary, Kent, Rod, Mick.
The Intrepid Night Time Bowlers.

And the others that came too.

Troy's GF, Troy, Noel & Trev.

A couple of others turned up later or avoided getting in photos.
Alison & Helen.

I love the people I work with. They are an amazing bunch.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

'Entre The Giant' has joined our family.

I got a little dog!

'Entre The Giant' has joined our family.

So far he and Jawj are getting along fine. He has made friends with everyone and has already got a pat of Rod. I have him here at home on 'aproval' for the weekend but I think he is going to stay. I've fallen in love with him. He is a pomeranian/maltese x and about 5-6 years old.

Why is he called Entre, I here you ask?

Because he's about a mouthful!

Nathan has turned the corner

Remember about 6 months ago I told you our #2 son, Nathan was very ill with a
blood clot on the lung. We came sooo close to loosing him. (I still shudder at
the thought of what might have happened if he hadn't have listened to me/mum and
got off to the doc when he did.)
Well, after a few set-backs along the way he's turned a corner today, finally, a
really big one.
Big Whew! around here this morning.
He went to his first fitness training session this morning.
Not being allowed to do any above very mild exercise for so long has meant that
he has lost all the fitness he did have and he was very fit as he was training 4
times a week and fighting most weekends when the 'sports related injury'
occured. In all that time off he only gained 6 kg so I think he did really well.
I lined up one of the guys I work with, who does fitness training on the side,
and Nathan went off for the first session this morning. He is surprised at just
how much fitness he has lost. But my mate Beau knows what he is doing and will
lead him along correctly. Now maybe Nathan can start getting his life back on
track again. Poor bugga! He never seems to get a break, always has to work
really hard for anything he gets in life.

Oh, and he's still single and can cook.