Friday, December 18, 2009

A.C.M.U. Works Do. Dec 2009.

Went to the Works Do.
Crazy mob I work with. We had a Bare-foot Bowling, BBQ & bBeverages night. Lots of fun.

I have never lawn bowled before. And managed to get Two bee stings on the same foot within a half inch of each other.

Most of us needed some instruction.

Some more than others

But we all has sooooo much fun, time really got away on us.. 
It was really dark by the time 'some' of us decided to call it a day!

That's Mick 'lighting the way' for his team.
This is the team I was in.

Lance & Graham
Sherelle & Del.
Love the rose shirt Lance. Me and Hilly won. Which was a big surprise to us as most of my bowls ended up in the ditch.

Back row: Coralie, Peter, 
Front: Fiona, Geoff, Narelle.

Gary, Kent, Rod, Mick.
The Intrepid Night Time Bowlers.

And the others that came too.

Troy's GF, Troy, Noel & Trev.

A couple of others turned up later or avoided getting in photos.
Alison & Helen.

I love the people I work with. They are an amazing bunch.