Sunday, January 10, 2010

And another day down.

Went to work today, really hot there, hotter than the days temp because of all the radiated heat off the buildings. But I only had to walk past it all for about 100m and then I was in my loverly airconditioned office and wing.
So, first day at work since starting and so far so good.
Thought a lot about food today.
Still got a headache, and it's not coffee deprivation as a few of you have suggested it might be as I haven't cut back on that yet. I only have 3 small mugs of coffee a day anyway.
Menue today the same as yesterday only a variation on the protien with the evening salad. Today it was a nice little piece of steak. I didn't know steaks came that small.
Oh for a big juicy rump!
Oh that's right, I'm trying to get rid of the big rump, aren't I?

Another couple of holiday snaps.
These are Doreen's Daughters.          This one was a weekend we all managed to get together in NZ in 2007 even tho the date stamp on the photo says 04. It was a new camera and i hadn't set the date properly, obviously. Oh well, it will just confuse forthcoming generations when they are researching the family tree, won't it. That's my baby sis janet and me in the back and the skinnies sitting in front are Sue, my oldest sister and Liz, my younger sister.
 The reason we allgot together was so that Travis, in the middle, could finally get to meet his Aunty Sue. He's met the rest of us for the first time in 1996. He is my 'stolen generation' oldest son. See, it didn't only happen to Australia's indigenous people. 

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