Saturday, January 9, 2010

Calorie King problems + 2nd day out of the way.

Thank you those people who left comments here. I'm happy to see a couple of you are joining me. It's nice to know you are on board. Hold on tight , it could be a bumpy ride.

2nd day.
Woke up cranky this morning and had a taste in my mouth like the bottom of a bird cage . . . . nope, I'd go further than that.  . . . . . like the floor of a feed lot . . . . . yep, that's closer. 
Got on the scales, which i said i would not do, but did anyway out of curiosity and found myself to be 117.5kg which means I have lost 1 kg over the past 2 days, no exercise involved yet.
If it keeps going like this I will be happy but I won't hold my breath. Early days yet.
See the  weight chart I've added to the side there. It's going to be so nice to see the dots and the line drop.
You can get one too if you like. Just click on mine and you should go to the site.

I really do want to use Calorie King again as once I have programmed in what and how much I am serving, it figures out all the nutritional measurements for me. It calculates how many calories and subtracts how many used up with whatever exercise. They have most of what you can buy in the shops already in the data base with portions and values workd out. You can set it to make up a meal plan for you and give you a shopping list. You can do this a week in advance if you like. So, you can see, it really is a great program/web site.
Calorie King is giving me grief today. Every time I try to add something to the daily diary &/or food diary it wants me to put my user name and password in again. To add todays food consumed, I have had to log in 22 times. It's giving me the right royal shites. Have sent them a help message.
I can't add anything to the blog their either as it tells me I need to be logged in to do that.
I AM F.....g. LOGGED IN!

La La La Laaaaaa

Any way, I didn't go over the TF calorie intake today even if I can't put it into my CK diary. And since I had already put in todays meal menu and printed it out yesterday,  I at least knew what my approximate intake and useage would be today. I'll see how close I went when I get CK working again.

Had a TF shake for breakfast with a cup of coffee, a multi vitamin and a chromium tablet along with the other medication I usually take.
If I could get all my meals in pill form it would make life so much easier.

Had TF tomato soup, 1 slice kibble & rye bread and teaspoon marge for lunch.
And a beauty apple. Tasted like paradise. It really did.

For dinner I had 1 cup each (not a mug but a real measuring cup cup) of the following things
chopped chicken,
shredded lettuce, 
other assorted salad leaffy things,
chopped celery,
1 med tomato,

1/2 cup thinly sliced onion. (must get some spring onions)
1 desertspoon grated low cheese, (yes it was a level one)
1 desertspoon balsamic vinegar dressing,

It was surprising how big a salad this was. Filled a big pasta bowl.
I love a big bowl of salad.

Also throughout the day I had 3 coffees and I managed to drink more than 2 litres of water.
So once I can get back into Calorie King and get it working properly my food diary will be looking good. (not making tha public) Have only made the blog public.

I have had a small buzzy bothersome headache all day, must be all the water I'm drinking cause I haven't cut back on coffee yet, lol.
The halitosis is not as bad this evening as it was yesterday. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Halitosis means the body is using up stored energy (aka fat)

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