Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chinese Veges for lunch.

It was Chinese buy-up at work today. I wasn't going to get any and just settle for a cup of chicken soup but then I remembered something I read somewhere in the TF program. So, I ordered a portion of steamed veg in the buy-up and made my soup up with half the required amount of water, let it sit a bit to thicken, and then poured it over the veges while they were still hot.
I'll be doing that again.
Getting annoyed with family who have 'snacks' of chicken noodle soup at 9:30pm right next to me. Smells soooooo good. Thing is, when I tell them the torture they are putting me thru, they get upset with me!
Huh! They just don't care, do they.
I bet you are all reeeeeeally sick of this blog by now - - - - - - which means I’m going to have to do some sewing.
Well, there is always the Retreat Challenge and Siggy Squares to get started on, eh?

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  1. Hang in there Del - you ae doing a brilliant job!