Thursday, January 21, 2010

Computer Problems and a Remarkable Visitor.

I'm having computer problems again and I also have my sister Sue from Fremantle
visiting so I won't be 'online' much for the next couple of weeks.
Still on the TF Program, took the belt in another notch today so something is
happening. Will miss weigh in on Friday cause we are going to Canberra to the
National Art Galley to see the Paris exhibition.
My older sister Sue is a famous artist in WA and I emailed her about the
exhibition and suggested she get herself over here before it finishes in April.
That was in the morning before I went to work. By the time I got home that night
she was booked on a plane and arrived yesterday. No flies on her! She's
unbelievable. Such energy and determination. An MS sufferer with a recently
fixed foot that had been broken for 5 months, (she thought it was arthritis) she
arrived at 3am in the morning and she was off to the local art gallery today for
3 hours. She has fallen in love with Entre The Giant, aka Bud and he has with
her. She wants to take him home. That will not be happening. She needs a little
dog like Bud. Anyone in WA able to help me out in finding one for her? A freebie
little dog that needs a home. Something small that likes to cuddle. She needs a
dog like this. She gets very lonely at times.
Catch up with you all later
image014rsz image015rsz
Me and Sue fooling around at a New Years Party about 5 years ago.

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