Saturday, January 16, 2010

I knew it was too good to be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told the world the other night that I had lost 14 kilos after weighing myself on my scales which told me I was 106kg.
Then I went off to my Tony Fergusson weigh-in and was bought back to earth with a 10kg thump!.
Well, I had said that I didn't feel like I had lost 14k but thought maybe 3-5kg probably, hadn't I? So when that turned out to be the truth I wasn't too disappointed. Yep, that's closer to how much I had lost.
When I started on Tony Ferguson Program on the 7th January I was 118.5kg and my waist was 123cm.
A week later after sticking to the program religiously (but with no added activity yet) I am now 114.7kg and my waist is 117cm.
Which the TF consultant thought was marvellous. Which I thought was kinda OK ('cause I sorta knew the 14 kg couldn't be real). And then Rod told me that's nearly a stone and I was really happy when he said that.
So it looks like I am off to a good start, doesn't it?
I'm off to change my weight graph and tell everyone else now that I told the other day.
Thanks for all the encouragement and exclaimations. Hope you're just as happy now that you know it's only 4kg.
After all, I never have excelled at anything, so 4kg is average, just like me.
for D-creasing.
Oh yes, I am seriously thinking about tossing the scales out. Any suggestions for a replacement? What's with these ones that take other readings too, do you think they are worth it????????

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