Saturday, January 30, 2010

More of me GONE!!!!!

Well, I've lost a bit more since I was last on the TF scales. Not as much as at my first weigh in but still a significant loss. 2.9kg!!!!!
I am now down to 111.8 kg which is a total of 6.7kg.
This last two weeks haven't been easy. I'm still thinking about peanutbutter sandwiches,  - - - - and Elvis, (of course) and now toasted cheese, tomato and onion sandwiches have joined the fantasy. 
I've had visitors and we did some tripping around. I had a steak and veg meal while we were in Canberra last weekend and I had a bacon & egg, tomato, lettuce on turkish bread yesterday for lunch at Luera in the Blue Mountains when we took Sue down to catch her plane back to WA. Ooooh my it was just soooooo good. "mmmmm real food!" I said as It was placed in front of me. And it smelled sooo goood tooo! I enjoyed every last morsel of it and would have licked my plate if I hadn't been in public. When I went for my weigh in this morning I said to the TF girl, "have you got a big hanky, 'cause I think I am going to cry when I get on these scales." Of course I was thrilled when they showed I had still lost weight.
Maybe the this week it will be easier.
I've lost a total of 11cm from my waist too!
 for doing a big happy dance!!!!!!