Friday, January 8, 2010

Weight Reduction Program #2010:1

Still no sewing done. Can't see sewing table or cutting out table for the junk.
It's giving me the shites but I have no urge to do any thing at present. Everyday existence is a chore right now. Ho hum, woe is me!

Started on a weight reduction program yesterday.
Go to to see what I'm up too this time.

Feeling cranky today and my mouth tastes like the bottom of a bird-cage.
This is my 'BEFORE' shot. Taken a couple of months ago. Have actually put on about 5 kg since this was taken.
Starting weight yesterday was 118.5kg.
Final goal weight is 80kg.
First progressive goal in 113.5kg.


  1. You will have to take in all your clothes. Good job you know someone with a sewign machine!
    Best of luck - you can do it!!
    Keep posting photos - wearign the same clothes!

  2. Hey good luck with this! I'm joining you....cutting the carbs is hard but we can do it.

  3. Count me in too!!! Stress is progressively decreasing around here and come the 18th should be totally down... until I return to work anyway. So I'm with you.
    Up to you to keep all of us on track as you started the declaration!

  4. Go Del ... I'm doing it independently until the end of the month when Weight Watchers starts here (they were going to revive it before Xmas but couldn't get enough vounteers !?!?!?) I will stick to their plan to see how it goes, I would have thought that sticking to any reputable plan is the key, no matter which it is. Good on you! Will be watching, may even do a blog too, thanks to your inspiration. Trisha from SCQ/DUQ