Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Weigh In Today

Went for another weigh in this morning and I have only lost 900 grams this past week. That's a bit disappointing as I have been sticking to the program to the letter. But I guess a loss no matter how little is still better than a gain.
My Bestest Friend who has a lap-band and has lost a lot of weight gave me a top that is too big for her yesterday. It's a size 20 and it fits! It is a rather volumous style tho, draw string peasent neck line. But I am really thrilled and wore it for my check in today. I can't remember the last time I was given a hand-me-down. Must be way back before I was a teenager. It's a rather nice feeling.
I'm in the process of thinking about how to set up a 'network' of weight loosers so we can pass our clothes on as we get too small for them to the others who are not so far along in their weight loss..
My sis in NZ has gone from a size 28-30 to a size 20. Isn't that wonderful.! She's on a totally different type of programe to me. I want her to coach me! I'm looking forward to some of her hand-me-downs too.

No photos tonight. Too tired.

Hey, looks like I may have found out why I am so tired all the time, (and have been for years and years and years).
Seems I have a slower than normal heart beat and it looks like I may have a liver disease too. I have been telling doctors the same old symptoms over and over for years and finally one has come up with something. And he did it before i told him they symptoms too. He noticed the sores and all the scars from the scratching i do (witout thinking and in my sleep) and asked me about them. Told him I had done it for as long as I can remember. So, after a few more questions and answers, he sent me off for an ECG there and then, the results of which are a slow heartbeat and I'm off to a specialist soon. He also had a heap of bloodtests done and indications are my liver is on the blink.
See, I have been telling them for years something is not right! I was going to have Rod put on my tombstone, "See I told you I was crook!" Apparently Spike Milligan has something like that on his.

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  1. congrats on the weight loss and good luck with the tests