Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Flaunt

Last week I went up to Newcastle to visit my Aunty Brenda and Uncle Gordon. My little sister Liz flew up from Melbourne too. They are the last of my mum and dad’s generation. We had a grand old chinwag and got a few family mysteries sorted out.
When I first started quilting in 1994, Aunty B was one of the first people I made a quilt for. It sat as a top for ages and then last year I finally finished it. I had also decided to give Uncle G  a mystery quilt while I was making it. It so reminded me of him. I had always thought of him as my surfie uncle from a photo I had seen as a child of him as a very young man standing on a beach holding up a surfboard.
So last week, these two quilts were finally delivered.
Here’s a photo of the quilts in their new home.
And one of the four of us. They're looking pretty good for their mid eighties, aren't they?

B&G 005 B&G 006 B&G 021


  1. They do look good and I am sure they loved their quilts too.
    Love both the quilts.
    It is nice to catch up with the oldies. LOL

  2. Nicely done, Del! You can be very proud of yourself. And it's great you could get together with family. Those are the best times.

  3. They look terrific, Del. Both the quilts and the recipients. :)

    What a lovely gift.

  4. They do look great! The quilts and the oldies! My father-in-law is 82 and going great guns - slowing down, yes, but still getting out and about enjoying life. Great work on the quilts - they must have been very appreciated!

  5. What lovely gifts, I am sure they were much appreciated. And..... two more UFOs off the list.

  6. Hello Dee, thanks for entering the giveaway and good luck. Love the quilts you have done for your relatives. I am sure they will be treasured especially during the cold nights. Happy days.