Friday, June 18, 2010


Well folks, as of an hour ago it's official - I have reached my second goal which was to get under 100kg. OFFICIAL weigh in this morning - I am 99kg exactly. (is that Rocky music I can hear in the background?)
the customers in the chemist shop this morning thought I was a weirdo ‘cause of the cheer that Rod and I did when the scales finally stopped on 99. I really expected it to be more, but it was wonderful to watch those scales fluctuate between 98. 9 and 99.
It would have been much nicer if they had stopped at 98.9 but they finally made up their mind at 99.
I am VERY happy.

now I'm going to bed cause I don't feel well. Have quit smoking again. I think it's withdrawal.
I expect lots and lots of cheering and praise and back slapping and 'likes' when I get back online later.

I'm soooo looking forward to my bacon and eggs treat!


  1. GO Del!! Fantastic stuff. HWS is going to have to get a shot gun to keep all the blokes away!!!
    Keep it up, you're gonna win this one.
    And as for the smokes, keep it up!!! I just clocked up my 10th anniversary, remember, I gave up at the Tassie retreat in 2000.
    Cheering very loudly for you from Upwey.

  2. Congratulations Dee! That's fabulous. And you gave up cigarettes deserve a medal! Seriously.