Friday, June 11, 2010

SO CLOSE - and yet so far and a long time ago.

I didn't know whether to feel good or bad today after weigh-in. You see, it's been a while since I did an official weigh in (I think about 4 weeks) and I wasn't really looking forward to it because in the past month I have been way off the program some days. And I haven't done that much walking either. (SCQ Retreat, annual leave, bad weather) I've even had bread and pasta, shame , shock horror! So it was with trepidation that I got on the scales today. As usual, they did their little 'one at a time please! - - - get off !!!' protest and swung back and forth for a few gut wrenching seconds. Time enough for me to think, " this is NOT going to be good - beware world! I am NOT going to be in a good mood!" But then they settled on 100.8kg. SO CLOSE  - - - and yet so far. You see, my second progress goal is to get under 100kg. Now, recently my smaller sized work pants have had a bit of gut room in them, (down from size 28 down to size 24,) so I knew I had lost something, but didn't think the result would be as good as that. The graph is on the move again. Yippee! and after a totally out of control month. But still, my bacon and eggs 'treat' evades me. (sad face) I am sooooo looking forward to that!

Going to put up a real 'before' photo here today. You can't really see me, but I'm in the back row on the right as you look at the photo. I was 10 years old that day. It was February 1963. Those are my friends from Mt Wellington Primary School. Two of my sisters are also in the photo. Susan is there in the back row on the left and Lizzy is the little cutie standing out the front. She was nearly three then. And the other little girl in the front row is one of mum's god-daughters, Merrilyn.
Back row: Susan (big sis) Melody, Joslyn, Heather then me.
front row: Pamela, Susan, Audrey, Merrilyn and Charmaine.
and I do remember their surnames, all except Joslyn, but it will come to me.
No, I'm not happy. Something rather dramatic happened that day, for which, because of my age, mum and I were not prepared for at all, and considering it was only a month after dad was killed, I wasn't handling things too well.
I'll tell you about that some time it you like. 

Mum was a bridesmaid for lots of her friends and ended up with a lot of god-children. She was one of the last of her peer group to get married so I guess they all felt sorry for her. So the second photo is mum and dad's wedding photo. Didn't they look elegant?

From the left is Joe, our grandfather, who gave mum away 'cause both her her parents died when she was 15. Then there is Uncle Harvey, dad's lil bro, Aunty Brenda, Bill MacDonald, (dad's best mate, they went thru WW2 together) then I think it's one of mum's cousins, either Pat or Norma, dad Kenneth, and mum Doreen. They are in the Auckland Domain, outside one of the two beautiful  glass-houses that we often visited for a day out in those pre-TV days. For those of you who have been to NZ, The Domain, is the huge park and gardens where the Auckland Museum is.

And remember last month I went to visit my Aunty Brenda (dad's lil sis) and Uncle Gordon, well here's a photo of them when they were young. It's not the photo that I particularly remember of them that led me to always thinking of Uncle G as my Surfie Uncle, but it's obviously taken on the same day. In the one I remember, Uncle Gordon was holding a surf-board, which I have since found out was actually what they called a body-board in those days (small version of a surf-board which were 15 to 20 feet long then) and he had made two of them after seeing someone at Waipu beach the week before. You can see how dishy he was. He's still dishy. And she still has her 'movie star' looks too as you can see in the previous photos of them with their quilts below this blog.

That's all for now.

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  1. Have to say I'm an old photo nut. I love looking at them. Your parents wedding photo is glorious!

    And I'm sure you'll get under the 100 in the next couple of weeks. Easy!