Friday, July 9, 2010


Done with a purple Zig 'cause I ran out of black pens


BTW, check out the weight graph - - - - 
I have now lost 20 kilograms. 
Only 18 to go. 

Not a big loss this last fortnight, probably because of this dreadful cold I have  . . . . . and quite frankly, I don't care - - - - - probably because of this dreadful cold I have.
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  1. Just luvin what your doin!

    Hugz ( not as much to hugz!) good girl!

  2. Hello Dee, you are doing a great job with these zentangles. I think they could become an addiction!!! Happy drawing.
    p.s. great weight loss so far.

  3. that square is beautiful Dee! really really lovely. I'll have to start doing some i think...

    and congrats on the weight loss - its wonderful too - but from experience, i know it brings its own rewards doesn't it? and that encourages further weight loss. I've stopped at a size 16 (down from 22) and i'm very happy. i've been stable for over 3 years at that.

  4. Hello Dee, I enjoyed seeing zentangles.....congrats on the weight loss...not an easy task...Regards Lyn