Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rod is home

Hi to all.
Thanks for being in touch every one.
Here’s a brief rundown on Rod. I’ll elaborate at a later date.

Rod is back at home. RPA sent him to Bathurst Hosp on Sat last week (17th) and they sent him home on Sunday. So he has been here at home nearly a week. He is doing well and taking things very v...ery easy. Runs out of puff very quickly. The docs in Syd were very impressed with his remarkable recovery but concerned that he was not taking the whole episode seriously enouh and told him that most people who have a massive heart attack like his spend the first week flat on their back wondering what the heck happened instead of hasselling nurses to 'unplug' him so he can have a shower/go for a walk etc. Twice they waved a big stick at him for not taking things seriously and one of the nurses got up him too.
The frequency that they used the word 'massive' was/is very unsettling. (he had 2 angioplastys/angiograms and has a 5cm stent in the big artery that goes into the heart which was totally blocked.)
Now that he's back home he's stewing because he left his wallet in the ambulance that bought him back to Bathurst, and they haven't posted it to him yet. So yesterday, he went and got his licence replaced so he is back driving already.
What worries me the most is how he gets worked up over trival things that really have no effect on his life (like tv ads etc) then when I try to calm him down he gets cranky with me! (I figure I will probably reach screaming point about this time next week.)
One really good thing to come out of this - - - he has not had a smoke since the 12th. Not one. I found his smokes when we got home and have them in my work jacket so they are out of his sight and hopefully out of mind most of the time too. When he has quit for a month then I will give them up too. That's been a deal between the two of us for a looooong time. Maybe this time it will work. I don't smoke at home, just at work now and then. He was quite surprised when told this recently cause he thought I had quit a month ago when he said he was going to, (but didn't)
I don't feel like 'playing' anymore so don't know when I'll get back to facebooking. BFN.


  1. I just love the pair of you! You both looked after me so beautifully at the reatreat - you spoiled me!

    Still no smokes here too! 16 months for Sweetpea and 15 month 6 days for me (who is counting?) You can do it when you need to Del!

    I've been thinking about you heaps but didn't want to message or send message to blog until you were ready!

    I suspect your downward curve on the weight chart is continuing!

    Lots of Hugz for both of you!

  2. Personalities change when the heart is affected. Sometimes the littlest of things set them off. Also the lack of Nicotine. My husband had surgery after a near death situtation and he quit for 99 days. He is back to the smoking again and he is not progressing. Hopefully with a little prayer and a lot of willpower you can both quit. Good Luck. Chris

  3. Hopefully life will settle into a better place for you both and you will be back quilting and blogging soon.

  4. I'm so glad he's safe and home and driving you nuts! We (here in Orange) have been wondering how it was all going and sending many positive thoughts. Tell Rod he needs to behave! Love from us all, Belinda