Monday, July 5, 2010

Yesterday’s ZT and a comment on the Tour D’ France.

Here’s a zentangle I finished yesterday,  . . . . well last night actually,  . . . . . as I watched the Tour D France. I printed out a couple of Sally’s ZTs to have a closer look at some of her designs. I check out designs others have done too. Is this cheating??? Can you ‘cheat’ with zentangles??
You see, I don’t have an ‘artistic’ mind so to speak and I find I get stuck in the same patterns, so looking at other zts kind of nudges my imagination into action. The scallop with the V in it is my own, haven’t seen that anywhere else yet. So is the big black dots ‘spinning’ off the coil with the little dots in between. And I like to think that the koru symbols here and there are my native Aoteoroa (NZ) ancestry coming through. 


Speaking of the Tour D’ France, 
. . . aren’t those Aussie boys gutsy. He did break his collar bone and has had to retire from the race. But he got back on that bike yesterday and lead the pelaton for ages setting the pace to wind those 3 breakaways back in. Splendid work!
And what about that pile up near the end!!!! How big a tangle was that!!! I don’t think I have ever seen worse in the race. Would have hated to have been on the bottom of that! I hope everyone made it out in one piece.
And BTW, Mark Renshaw who crossed the line second, just happens to be a Bathurst boy.
He’s Mark Cavendish’s lead-out man but since Cavendish was in amongst the big tangle, Mark went for it himself.
Happy happy dances here in Bathurst today.


  1. Yeah it was a shame to see that extreme right-hand hairpin turn get Mark Cavendish and a small group of others. It was good that he wasn't in that big traffic stopping crash.
    And Tyler Farra dragging that other bike on the very last crash ... wow.

  2. Your ZT's really are amazing. Hope you still have time for quilting!

  3. I thought you said you couldn't draw!

    Judy B