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2001 SCQuilters Queensland Retreat Siggy Squares

I have been ratting around in the sewing room finding all my UFOs and in the last couple of weeks that I have been off work I have embarked upon OPERATION UFO. 
There's heaps of them! I've been photographing them as I have found them and have been putting the photos up onnmy face Book wall where a few discussions have gone on as to what to do with them. 
I dragged out the box of siggy squares I have collected since I joined Scquilters back in 1998 and somewhere along the way decided a Disappearing Nine Patch would be a good Idea. . . . and it was . . . it looks quite good, . . . but the top (which s probably the stage it will stay at for a while) has turned out bigger than I expected. So I won't be doing that again! I don't want these siggy square quilts to go on beds. I have some vague idea that they can hang on my display wall in between 'real' quilt projects. I added a blue and white Hawaiian print fabric for the centre patch of the starting 9 patch block.

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Gone up again

Weight's going up

will have to get back on the program.

motivation - low
energy - low
mood - low

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Here’s how I put longer legs over the legs of my table to raise it to the height I like for basting and cutting.
First of all, I started out with a plain formica top table. The legs were plain, – no angle to them, no fancywork on them, just straight up and down. My husband Rod found some square metal tubing and cut it to the height I wanted minus 2 inches (to allow for the table top and the plugs in the bottom of the legs.) I slid the metal legs over the legs of the table.
Easy Peasy. Table now is 38inches high. 
 As you can see, I use the space underneath it for storage. The top couple of drawers have cutting tools, scissors, pens and pencils, plus a choc box of quilters safetypins, and two tins of bead head pins that I no longer use prefering flowerhead pins these days.The rest of the drawers have FQs in them sorted by colour.
table leg extentions 002                               table leg extentions 003
I've lifted the table up a bit so you can see the actual table leg inside the metal tubing.
table leg extentions 004                           table leg extentions 005
the 'new' leg is now supporting the table.           The industrial plastic stoppers were made to fit, to protect the floor.

What's on it right now.
It hasn't got a name or an owner yet. Way back in August last year when I put up photos of it while I was working on it someone suggested 'Purple Passionfruit' which is kinda OK 'cause we were also talking about a trelis that Rod had put up on the veranda. But will now consider any other suggestions you all may come up with now that it is nearly finished.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Basting the 'Ivy I Spy' quilt.

layering&basting 001 

First I bulldog clip the backing to the table top.

Then I put the wadding on and once it's in the right place I give it a bit of a pat to pat out any bumps and help it grip the backing fabric. Then I put the quilt top in place and pat that down too. These two layers are only laid on the backing. They are only bulldog clipped along the front edge and the right side edge to stop the whole lot moving while I baste it.

This table has square metal tube extensions slipped over the legs to make it 38 inches high which is the height I find comfortable.

More about how to raise the height of your table later.

layering&basting 004 
See how I have placed the layers on to the backing using the edge of the table to line them up.
layering&basting 003
When I am happy with how it’s all lying, I hand baste the section of quilt that is on the table top.
Then I move the quilt to the next section to be basted. Usually I slide the quilt upwards, to place the center left section on the table top. Then I would slide it up again to baste the bottom left section.
Then I would reposition the quilt with the top right on the table and baste begin basting the right side of the quilt that has previously been dangling off the side of the table. Then I move down the right side as I did with the left side. Always bulldog clipping as I position each section. The more clips the better. I usually use 5-6.
I'm missing about 5 bulldog clips. Last time I remember having them was at the retreat. Hummmmmmmm. Now where did I put all those hanging tapes we used for the quilt show. Bet the clips are in the same place. (Well, I guess they are both ‘safe’)
I don't like using safety pins ‘cause I find they get in the way when I've got the quilt in the machine and removing them as I go cause they're in the way is a pain in the bum.
I like thread basting as I can sew right over it and then pull it out when I have finished the machine quilting. I am using up really old thread when basting. Like, some of these reels must be 30 years old. No good for using in the machine cause it breaks a lot. Ideal for basting because if I do stitch thru the thread it doesn't pull the quilting stitches when I'm taking it out - it breaks.
layering&basting 005
You can see how high the table is. (38”) I've got my weight on my elbows, so I'm not really bent over that much and because of the height of the table, my back doesn't hurt.
layering&basting 007
I love that little light. One of the best investments for sewing ever. And portable too.
layering&basting 008
I'm working down the edge of the top first. Then I’m going to work across the 'bottom' of what is on the table and then up the side of what is on the table then across the top slanting in until I go below where I started. I'll just keep going around and around on each section until I reach the centre. Then I’ll reposition the quilt and do the same again.
Mind you, It doesn't matter which way you baste. This time I’m going round and round and round, some times I go diagonal, sometimes up and down. It's just got to hold it all together while you are quilting it and then it all gets pulled out. I'm lucky, I can baste with both hands so I can go to the left with my right hand holding the needle and to the right with my left hand.  - You can teach yourself to do this.
layering&basting 009
I like using stripes for binding. This is going to be a fairly wide binding as I have cut the strips at 3 inches. I joined the strips on to the end of one another this time so as to continue the stripes without going to all the fuss of aligning and joining them on the angle.
If it was not striped fabric I would have joined each end on the 45` angle.
And that’s how I baste a quilt.
Hope you enjoyed it.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I haven’t put up any photos in recent posts so while I was waiting at the docs today for Rod, I was having a bit of a think and decided that every now and then I will post a photo or two (or more) that I really like from my collection and tell you a bit about it/them.
Here’s the first one.
SthIsNZ0308 054
This is a mobile home we saw during our South Island campervan trip in 2008. It was amazing! And what’s even more amazing, it wasn’t the only one we saw. Each was as individual as this one is. We stopped and had a chat with the guy in the photo, for the life of me I can’t remember his name right now, but his name was just as ‘different’ as his house.
SthIsNZ0308 059
They had a full sized oven in the kitchen, a pot bellied stove in the lounge room, a computer in the study, and two upstairs bedrooms.
Around the other side he had french doors opening off the loungeroom.
SthIsNZ0308 057
They have travelled all over NZ doing odd jobs as they go and said they have a wonderful life. No doubt about that, he was one of the happiest people I have ever met.
I like the way the other expensive campervan sits beside it, totally out-shone and up-staged.
  SthIsNZ0308 058

I Spy Quilts

Rod has a couple of doc appointments to go to today and since he isn’t allowed to drive yet, I will be going with him. First one is at 1:20. It will include a stress test on his heart. While I’m waiting, and since I tidied the sewing room the other night and sorted out most of the WIPs, UFOs and PHDs, I have been doing a bit of sewing. 
I have already put the binding on ‘Coastal Story’ (as I have re-named it, - previously seen in this blog) already and will probably stitch it down this evening.  - More about that quilt later,  . . . . I’m actually thinking of selling it.  
But the most important task at present is the 5 I Spy quilt tops (single be size) made for a friend. Today I am putting the borders on a couple of them and getting them all ready to go to the quilter. These quilts have been around for a few years. They were commissioned when my friend Di was expecting her first grand child and added to in number as the total of grand kids increased. Her oldest gkid is now 4 years old. (I think - could be older) I have had a mental block on getting them finished. I think I know what that mental block is/was but it's kind of complicated to explain. Be that as it may, I am working thru it and getting over it.  
Di will be very pleased to hear this.
Di is my 'other' sister.
Di is a very patient person.

I will get in touch with Belinda (award winning machine quilter and personal pal of Eucalypt Ridge Quilting, via Orange, NSW) and arrange for us to go ...for a drive to deliver them before I go back to work.
BTW, last night, we slept under a quilt I started making for Rod about 10 years ago. It’s called ‘Is This Big Enough?’ which I will explain later when I share that story with you.  
Photos to follow.  
Peace By Piece.

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