Friday, August 27, 2010

2001 SCQuilters Queensland Retreat Siggy Squares

I have been ratting around in the sewing room finding all my UFOs and in the last couple of weeks that I have been off work I have embarked upon OPERATION UFO. 
There's heaps of them! I've been photographing them as I have found them and have been putting the photos up onnmy face Book wall where a few discussions have gone on as to what to do with them. 
I dragged out the box of siggy squares I have collected since I joined Scquilters back in 1998 and somewhere along the way decided a Disappearing Nine Patch would be a good Idea. . . . and it was . . . it looks quite good, . . . but the top (which s probably the stage it will stay at for a while) has turned out bigger than I expected. So I won't be doing that again! I don't want these siggy square quilts to go on beds. I have some vague idea that they can hang on my display wall in between 'real' quilt projects. I added a blue and white Hawaiian print fabric for the centre patch of the starting 9 patch block.


  1. Looks great! Doesn't it always make you feel good to work on something that's been hanging around for ages!


  2. Oh, I really do like your Disappearing Nine Patch with the signature blocks! I like how you've scrambled the arrangement. Very nice work!

  3. Dee,

    Disappearing Nine Patch quilts don't usually appeal to me ..... but this one is a ripper! Great way to show off the signatures.

    Judy B