Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here’s how I put longer legs over the legs of my table to raise it to the height I like for basting and cutting.
First of all, I started out with a plain formica top table. The legs were plain, – no angle to them, no fancywork on them, just straight up and down. My husband Rod found some square metal tubing and cut it to the height I wanted minus 2 inches (to allow for the table top and the plugs in the bottom of the legs.) I slid the metal legs over the legs of the table.
Easy Peasy. Table now is 38inches high. 
 As you can see, I use the space underneath it for storage. The top couple of drawers have cutting tools, scissors, pens and pencils, plus a choc box of quilters safetypins, and two tins of bead head pins that I no longer use prefering flowerhead pins these days.The rest of the drawers have FQs in them sorted by colour.
table leg extentions 002                               table leg extentions 003
I've lifted the table up a bit so you can see the actual table leg inside the metal tubing.
table leg extentions 004                           table leg extentions 005
the 'new' leg is now supporting the table.           The industrial plastic stoppers were made to fit, to protect the floor.

What's on it right now.
It hasn't got a name or an owner yet. Way back in August last year when I put up photos of it while I was working on it someone suggested 'Purple Passionfruit' which is kinda OK 'cause we were also talking about a trelis that Rod had put up on the veranda. But will now consider any other suggestions you all may come up with now that it is nearly finished.


  1. Your quilt looks like a combination of bougainvillea and jacaranda. Maybe it's a Bougainjack Quilt!

  2. Love the quilt,can't think of a name right now. Love how you changed the height of the table to suit you. Happy days.