Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Spy Quilts

Rod has a couple of doc appointments to go to today and since he isn’t allowed to drive yet, I will be going with him. First one is at 1:20. It will include a stress test on his heart. While I’m waiting, and since I tidied the sewing room the other night and sorted out most of the WIPs, UFOs and PHDs, I have been doing a bit of sewing. 
I have already put the binding on ‘Coastal Story’ (as I have re-named it, - previously seen in this blog) already and will probably stitch it down this evening.  - More about that quilt later,  . . . . I’m actually thinking of selling it.  
But the most important task at present is the 5 I Spy quilt tops (single be size) made for a friend. Today I am putting the borders on a couple of them and getting them all ready to go to the quilter. These quilts have been around for a few years. They were commissioned when my friend Di was expecting her first grand child and added to in number as the total of grand kids increased. Her oldest gkid is now 4 years old. (I think - could be older) I have had a mental block on getting them finished. I think I know what that mental block is/was but it's kind of complicated to explain. Be that as it may, I am working thru it and getting over it.  
Di will be very pleased to hear this.
Di is my 'other' sister.
Di is a very patient person.

I will get in touch with Belinda (award winning machine quilter and personal pal of Eucalypt Ridge Quilting, via Orange, NSW) and arrange for us to go ...for a drive to deliver them before I go back to work.
BTW, last night, we slept under a quilt I started making for Rod about 10 years ago. It’s called ‘Is This Big Enough?’ which I will explain later when I share that story with you.  
Photos to follow.  
Peace By Piece.

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