Friday, September 24, 2010


 When I got home from work on Monday, there was a parcel waiting for me. I looooove parcels . . . especially ones I don't know what is inside. And it's especially nice to get a present when I get home from a morning shift, 'cause my 'evil twin' does morning shifts and she's not in a good mood by the time she gets home.

It was my prize from Pathwork Promises.
Wooo hooo!!!!!
Go here to check them out:

Patchwork Promises is one of the quilt shops I 'follow' on Face Book. And they wanted us to put up photos of finished articles to go in a draw. So I put up a photo of the 4 needle cases I made from a an Annie Downs design . . . . and I won the draw??

Well, this is what I won!

There's a really great book "Material Obsession" by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke, which I fell asleep reading that night, not because it's dull, oh no, but because I have been working morning shifts and I crash every night I'm on them. Not even a really good quilt book will keep me awake much past 7pm when I'm doing morning shifts. (so I had to try again the next night and the next.) And I've earmarkes two quilts in it that I want to do, which means I now have to live to 143 years old. Plus a 25pc 'Slice' of really yummy blues and greens from the Flutterby series, a hera marker which is something I've always wanted, and a you-beaut 'Karisma' propelling pencil/marker, including a refil of white leads.

Now, is THAT a good prize or what!???

All for just putting up a photo, . . . . easy peasy.

So next time you see a give-away prize for visiting a site or blog,
Maybe you will be happy dancing (in your jammies) too!



  1. Nice one! BTW I see you are trying to lose weight. Have a read of Sweet Poison. I have been using their Quit Program and have lost 4.7 kg so far and I'm not hungry.

  2. Lovely prize Dee I enter all these comps but never win a thing.

  3. Hi Dee, I also do morning shifts from 4 in the morning at our dairy. I also "pass" out at 7- but then it is like 10 o clock normal days- so I do not feel bad.