Sunday, September 5, 2010

NAPCAN : What can I do?

I am a victim of childhood abuse - I don't know how, but I am still here. Damaged but alive.
The brutal physical and insidious psycological damage inflicted on me by a parent has affected me all my life. Only in the past 15 years have I come to terms with it all and learnt to let go. I now understand why that parent was the way they were. But I will never forgive. I don't have to. There is no excuse to treat children in such a manner.
I am 58.
I am a survivor.


  1. Good on you Del. It's amazing how many of us are survivors (4 out of 5). We never forgive it is too hard but we let go and don't let their mistakes ruin our lives we are too strong for that.

  2. keep on surviving Dee, you're doing well. big hugs coming your way again soon,
    love you, kaite