Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pfffttttt! to Pintees.

Ahhh bugga!
I thought I was sooooooo smart!

Oh well, I still have them for sale and I'll send them off to Mortals too from here if you like.
$2 each plus postage . . . . let's say $3:00 all up and I'll supply the little padded bag and stamp to send them to your Mortal.



I invented and made Pintees to give away to the quilters that attended the Bathurst Bun Fight in 2010.

Not many came so I still have a few Pintees left.
I have decided to sell them.
So far I have sold 3 to Angels for little pressies for the  2011 SCQ Retreat Angel/Mortal swap.
If you are interested contact me at my email
deequilter@yahoo dot com

My invention.

A pin cushion on a golf tee that sits inside a cotton reel.
Small & useful.
I thought of them.
I made them.
I sell them.