Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weighty matters

Got on the scales at work last night. I don't think they are super accurate so I did an average of three. I was in uniform which has got a rather heavy belt but I did take my boots off.  Came to 108.5 kg. Not good eh. But this is what I will be dressed in every time I get on the scales so I just have to grin and bear it this time. 
I am going to have to start 'walking the yard' again. Why is it always hot weather when I'm walking. And the bloody flies drive me nuts! And with all the rain we've had recently the mozzies are Lancaster bomber sized and vicious too. And the bastard plovers haven't left 'home' this year at all. They seem to be 'nesting' all the time . . . surely it's not the same pair ???  (how many kids do they want??? Is there a baby bonus in the plover world???) All four eggs hatch and survive because they are so protected there, and the males return with a lady friend to where they are hatched to nest so it's already getting a bit crowded. Had them bluffed a couple of years ago when I first started walking the yard at work and one would just sit on the nest while the other followed me around the circuit, but this lot just don't want me there and are in attack mode all the time.  .


  1. I am keeping up with my progress via the Get Fit Wii on my TV. Just wanted to say, you are not alone in your struggles with weight! I am right there with you! Good luck from Texas!

  2. i'll be watching those scales Del so keep trying, and keep walking the yard as well as walking with your own bloke in the paddock. thanks for the fabric strips, i'll get on with it.
    love you babe, k.

  3. So what is happening now my girl? XXXX

  4. going up up up in a puff of smoke!

    Same old same old.

    Would like a personal trainer to motivate me.