Sunday, October 30, 2011


I had a lovely day up at Blackheath yesterday, sewing with a bunch of local
ladies at Patchwork Place. One was ex-SCQuilter Gillian who I think might join
again, and another lady Leah who I think will join too. They both do wonderful
applique. I can see me dragging out the kit I bought in Beechworth and getting
these talented ladies to help me get it started. I managed to get a quick peek
at a black and white quilt that Jenny will be teaching soon and I'm sure she
said there would be a kit available too in the new year. And there's going to be
a Mystery Workshop with Jenny on Friday 25th November that I think I might go up
I managed to get most of the binding sewn down on My Hearts and finished the
rest off last night.

hearts quilt 001

I love the company of quilters, never yet met one I didn't like.

For those of you who live near or in the Blue Mountains, they are bursting with
blossoms right now. Wish I'd taken my camera. Amazing colours in the azaleas and
rhododendrons all over the place. Blackheath has a Rhododendron Festival every
year which finishes on 26th November. There's a few nurseries in the area too so
you might want to buy a few plants to put in at home. We did a few years ago
when we were building this garden and every year my rhododendron's huge bright
pink blossoms are a delight to the eye.
So, go for a drive through the Blue Mountains one day soon. Up thru Katoomba,
lunch in Blackheath, and a bit of SEX then on to Mt Victoria where you can cut
across to Bell's line of Road back to Sydney. Magnificent scenery along that
road too.

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