Monday, October 17, 2011

Swaping blocks

One of the quilting groups I belong to is 'chatting' about swapping blocks.
People who are new to quilting really should consider going in a few block swaps. You must pay very close attention to measurements which we tend to 'fudge' when only sewing for ourselves. It will also make you think about colour
combinations that maybe you would never choose for yourself. Swaps are a good learning curve for beginners.

I love Nine Patch and would be happy to participate in a group swapping them,
  but I probably wouldn't swap every month, just the colours/themes that appeal to me.
Likewise for Cobblestones.
I used to swap both over at SCQers a few years ago.
Both are extremly useful blocks and I still delve into my collection to add them to quilts or base a whole quilt around a collection of either.

I think Pinwheels would be a good swap too as they are also very useful, but
  keep in mind it's hard to keep them consistent in size (as there are so many different ways of making them), as I found out when collecting pinwheels for a
raffle quilt.

Maybe plain old Half Square Triangles could be considered as they are another
  block I find a lot of use for, and they can be trimmed easily if the size is not what you want.

I THINK I would like to go in a Round Robin again next year.
(2012) I have only ever been in one and altho it was nerve wracking (because I was working on other people's quilts) it pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the quilt I received back is one of my favorites.

and NO, I am not volunteering to run one.
I'm good at thinking up ideas but not so good at the organising side of things.

 Above ^ pinwheels collected for a raffle quilt.

 Above^. Hole in Shed (Barn) Door collected from around the world. I sent a center patch to everyone in the swap and they added the rest.

Above^. The result of a 'brights and black' draw at a Bathurst Bun Fight one year.


  1. Nice quilts, Dee! I've never been game to enter block swaps. I just don't trust my work to be good enough for some people. I get so nervous of stuffing up, I usually do!

  2. These are beautiful quilts! Thanks for following me and I would like to return the favor, but I can't find your Follow Button. Please send me a map, and I will return. Julie

  3. Nevermind I just found it! Now you do not need to quilt me a map of your blog, but I'll still gladly return! Julie