Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not a 1600 but closer to a 2000 quilt.

Not exactly impressed with the way it's turned out. It was a roll from Spotlight, it had 50 strips in it. I used 48. I took out the 'yellow' strips they had in the roll and substituted some 'blue' strips fro another of thier rolls. The 'colour change' halfway up was totally unexpected and un-planned.
I like the colours, I like the colours together, just not too fussed about the whole effect.
Will probablu remain a top for a while.


  1. yes it is a sudden change. maybe you can now cut it up and rearrange it, sounds dramatic but should work. stack and slash.

  2. I really kind of like it! A couple of weeks ago I read a post that suggested cutting it vertically into 2 1/2" strips then sewing them to be more of a "postage stamp" style quilt. Was quite lovely and without the time consuming efforts of cutting the small squares! Doreen

  3. I keep coming back to look, Del, and the more I do, the more I like grows on you...