Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Cleaning Fairy came around yesterday morning and spent three hours with me sorting and packing my clothes and the hall coat cupboard. She's wonderful. She gave the new vacuum cleaner a work-out. It's a powerful sucker, it blows the hep filter out the top of the machine all the time. Not happy. I will be phoning the manufacturer next week.
So, in preparation of our move, the main bedroom is now clean and tidy, I just have to make the bed properly.
No sooner had we finished than Aaron turned up with a truck and loaded the major portion of all his household stuff which has been stored in our garage since he got out of the Army nearly 4 years ago.
Hopefully we will be able to get the carpet shampoo bloke in on tuesday and then I can set up *my* lovely sitting room again.
Yesterday evening I was exhausted, and today I'm sore all over and I suffered sciatica pain in my left leg all night. My back is fecked but I'm full of drugs . . . . . . wonderful drugs . . . . and hopefully I will be recovered enough to wade in again on Sunday when my CF is coming back and we are going to hit the spare room and the two hall cupboards down this end of the house and make a start on my sewing room.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Best wishes to everyone.

Best wishes to everyone, for you and yours during the festive season and here's wishing you all a happy, healthy & prosperous 2012.

   Next time I 'see' you all it will be from Dubbo in the central west of New South Wales. We are in the process of buying a home there and plan to be moving in late January/early February, meanwhile I'm going to be packing (starting today) and presenting this house for sale.
   I don't know when I will be back on line as I'm going to have to find me an obliging 'kid' to hook me up again, but that's OK, we have plenty of NYM (nephews) to call on up there. One of them is bound to be computer savvy.
   I'm going to miss my Bathurst quilty mates. Heather and Christine have been a big part of my life for quite a few years. I hope they will come to visit as I plan to visit them whenever I am back in Bathurst.   
   But I'm looking forward to meeting the Dubbo quilters and the Red Hat Society ladies of Dubbo too. I know some of you will be amongst them. I'll have a beautiful room for my quilting, a garage conversion similar to what I had in Swanbrooke St for those of you who visited there. And there's a double garage down the back yard that I will fit out if the room doesn't work out. I think it will tho - in my mind it does.
    This is a big move for Rod and I. Neither one of us has very much energy these days, and Rod tends to be in a semi-permanent state of panic these days too. I'm worried about him doing too much and he gets cranky when I ask him to slow/calm down. He was born in Dubbo and two of his sisters and quite a few of his old pals still live there so we will not be amongst strangers. I've already got a great-niece (7yrs old) wanting to learn to sew, so I'm all set too.
So, see you all in the new year sometime.
Del Soden.
Still of Bathurst,
but soon to be Dubbo.