Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dubbo from the iPad

It's been over a year since I retired and it's been twelve months of doing nothing, absolutely NOTHING! I've been waiting for a great boost of energy to come along but it hasn't happened. I have lost my quilting mojo and don't know where it are!

I like living in Dubbo, it's nice to have family and friends drop in every now and then, something which happened only rarely in Bathurst. One weekend recently we had all three of Rods sisters here and a few nephews and nieces and it was wonderful. Just like I have always imagined my life happening. I truly appreciated how blessed my life is that weekend.

The sewing room is still in a mess. I'm just not happy with the layout and will have to have a BIG move around before I can get in there to sew. I just feel its all too much for me at present. Ho hum woe is me. But I have felt little stirrings of quilty ideas and urges. So something is going to happen, soon, I think.

We spend a lot of time on the back veranda. Reading, listening to the radio, watching the local bird life, nothing strenuous,