Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trying out an app.

I've found a free app that let's me manage my blog from the iPad.
This is jus trying it out. 
I'm wondering about how it handles photos.
That's what I'm working on at present.
It's an English Paper Piecing project. Half hexagon whirligigs. 

I've also recently made some EPP stars for a project I have named ' Liquor-ish Allsorts' 
Each star has a cocktail name.
I do t know when either project will be finished. 
Seems I'm not into 'finishing' things these day. 
Really into starting tho. 
So many things attract my attention these days. 
My mojo is certainly moving, I'm just not moving fast enough to keep up with it.
Cath ya later

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