Saturday, January 25, 2014

DUBBO front yard conversion

Not quite the water wise extravaganza we had in Bathurst, but it's a start. There will be a few more flowering trees to provide shade from the west and some shrubs to attract birds. The nephew who lives down the road hauled in the chip for us. 
Thinking about pressed granit for the public footpath bit.
Too many bindies around here to bother with grass out there.

The neighbor in the back ground wants to do His the same now. But he's renting off Abhousing so he doesn't know if they will pay for it if he does the work. Told him it's worth a try. 

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  1. My kind of gardening ... not so much for the water saving bit, but because we never sit or lay around on a lawn, so why mow and weed and water etc for nothing.