Monday, April 28, 2014


Our son Nathan won two first place awards in the Cosplay Competition at the Ironfest in Lithgow yesterday.
First for Steampunk and for Handmade. So proud of him . He is so clever. 

I managed to get a photo taken with him. He was in big demand for photos. 

Monday, April 21, 2014


Yes dear blogger friends, its been a hard personal struggle but through peer pressure bought about by people I thought were my friends, (sobs, wipes tear) Its time for me to come out and confess that I have caved into temptation. (Hangs head) I've added hhhh hhhh hhhhexagons to the project I've been working on which is a six pointed stars English Paper Piecing wall hanging.  
Mind you, I'm not fully 'into' hexies yet . . . .
I'm  not making them all the time, I can live without them, . . . 
Really I can! . . . . 
I've only compromised for the sake of the design that I'm working on now.  . . . . 
So I'm not like all the other hhhh hhhh hhhhexagon addicts,  . . . . . 
I can give them up at any time I like . . . .
 truly . . .
 I can, I know I can! 

I came out publicly via HAND AND PAPER PIECERS -YES an English paper piecing group on Facebook a month or so ago. This gave me a bit of time to work up the courage to tell SCQuilters and the rest of to quilting world at large. It's still so hard to admit my weakness to my many quilting friends. Sso many of them relied on my leadership in resistance, many will be heartbroken. I'm sorry, so truly sorry to disappoint you. And I want to thank the members of the HAPPY group for being so understanding and I'm sure the rest of my friends will also be supportive. I'm I having a hard time getting used to the idea that I might now be a hhh hhh hhhhexagon addict. 
This is going to be a wall hanging. It's called the FFFAFF quilt. 
Which stands for Frustrated Fisherman's Fuck Awful Fish Fabric. 
My husband is the frustrated fisherman, he's only ever caught one and that was at a trout farm, and hes been fascinated at the whole process of this project and has been my number one consultant too. It's he who is insisting it be hung in the dining/kitchen area as this is the area we use the most. 

The design is based on  Tonya. Casburn Owens' pieced hexagon template kits called Ahhhhs, available from The Hillbilly Quilt Shop. This one being #1 I Wish I May which she was using when I became interested in these while watching her fussy cutting tutorial on You Tube. I ordered some but was too impatient for them to arrive so drew up my own. 

At this point in time, on my project, I'm up to the stage now where I have to figure out how to square it off and frame it. 
All the stars in the center of the units are fussy cut from a fuck  awful fish fabric, (as you may have guessed) that sat languishing in the What-Was-I-Thinking-Of corner of my stash. 
I took great delight in chopping big holes in 2.5meters I had of that fabric.

At first I pland to construct the whole thing out of diamonds, but peer pressure changed my mind and I decided to include hhh hhh hhhexagons, which, with my OCD struggling for an outing, I also fussy cut. Only the first star shows that it was cut from fish fabric, I managed to fracture the fish to disguise them after that.

The big colourful units are joined together with black stars. I used a dark grey on black fabric for the hexie that is the center of each of thes stars and plain black for the equilateral triangles which form the points. 

Everything is on a 1.5" scale. 
I printed out a sheet of 1.5" equilateral triangles and used that to draw up my diamonds and hhhhhhexagons. 

This is what the diamonds looked like . I photocopied my shapes on to manilla folder cardboard and cut them myself. Im a glue baster. I started out using a Sewline glue pen but I found having to buy refills all the time quite expensive so I ended up using lipstick sized glue sticks that I buy from chepie shops such as The Reject Shop, or Crazy S am's. I get 4 sticks for $2. I had to adjust my application skills to be able to put a fine line of glue on the template edge, but I seem to have it down to pat now. If you don't like the idea of drafting and cutting your own paper templates, there is a wonderful supplier right here in Australia, Busy Fingers Patchwork. They stock heaps and heaps of Sue Daly's templates and papers. And she has starter kits too that let you try out a particular design before you decide to commit to a bigger quilt. If you diced that's as far as you want to go with any one design it's big enough to be used for a cushion. I've bought quite a few of these, and I've also bought the papers kit for Pies and Tarts which I wouldn't want to try drafting and cutting for myself. There's lots a accessories there too and links to Sue's tutorials. She makes the whole process so simple. Explains everything so well, no need to stress out at all. 

The hexies surrounding the stars were all cut from my stash. I didn't buy any extra fabric for this project. I was hoping to use up a lot of FQs but quite a few of the ones I liked for the project didn't have to necessary six pattern repeats. 

I don't often buy FQs thes days. I much prefer across the with cuts and usually buy half or whole meters/yards. I had to delve into this part of my stash to find the variations I needed