Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jus Perfek

I think I might call the caravan "Jus Perfek".

a right. 
And all this caravanning caper feels so right.

juice; gravy.
And being able to do this caravanning caper is the gravy on the top, the result of all our hard work throughout our lives.

Perfek comes from 'The Darling Buds Of May', where the father, played by David Jason, had such a wonderful, positive, we-can-do-it attitude to life and things always worked out for them. He said that often. My friend Heather H often says it too. 

Fits under just perfek.

And have a look at how good this quilt looks in there! 
I have thought about giving it away a couple of times but never did 'cause I really like it. 

Suits the decor just perfek.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Run in the Van

Lunch at Mendooran, NSW. Via Brocklehurst out from Dubbo.

 First run with the van. Rod drove out, I drove back. (I can do this! I can do this! ) 

Mendooran has a great free camping area you can see beside the road, turn left after the bridge as you come into town. Basic showers and loos. Plenty of space, there was about 20 vans out there and nicely spaced out, plenty of shade and access to the river bank if you wanted to throw a line in. Fenced dog run area. Big old fashioned country pub within walking distance and two or three takeaway food/caf├ęs. Adam our nephew who lives just down the road from is, suggested it as a good first run for us. 

Mr Ryan the Jayco man spent a lot of time with us this morning going thru everything, heaps and heaps of help  and hints and instruction (and patience). Wonderful personal service with friendly people. They had already organised an insurance quote for us with CIL which is who everyone recommended and all I had to do was listen to what the very nice CIL lady said, answer a few questions, and pay the money, which was no where near as expensive as I thought it was going to be. Ryans also fitted the mirrors for us. And I got myself a big wide step with adjustable legs to make it easier to get in and out of the van. I tried getting out without the step and I've jarred my right hip, very oochy ouchy, so I will be using the step from now on. 

All in all a very busy but pleasant day. 

Then when we got back into town, I pulled up out the front and we sat on the front veranda talking about a plan for getting the van into the backyard. Who was going to try it and who was going to be the guide. Both of us wanting to give it a go but neither of us wanting to face the possibility of getting stuck across the road blocking traffic and both of us knowing neither one of us would take direction well from the other or give be good at giving direction too, without a degree of 'stress'. So, we had a coffee while we thought about it, and eyeballed the width of the carport which I swear has shrunk since yesterday. We then did a bit of measuring, with a tape this time, coming to the realisation that the van is not going to go thru the car port into the backyard, (so the airconditioner for my sewing room was taken out of the window fitting which was then ground away, for no reason. I told the He Who Suffers and his mate The Best Man to measure first. Grrrrr. 

Aaanyway, after a bit of a discussion we decided to enlist the help of the aforementioned nephew, who being a Truckie, a woodcutter and a bushy born and bred, has lots of experience at these things. He came up and reversed it into the driveway easy peasy, then manhandled it into position under the big carport awning on the front of the house. Hey, weren't we smarty pants putting that on when we did. Van fits on the driveway and the car fits in beside it nicely, still leaving plenty of room for people to walk up to the front veranda. Thank goodness Adam did it though, because we would have put the van in the wrong place, on the wrong angle and would have probably taken the aerial off the roof too. There's just enough room to pop the top under the awning to relieve the pressure on the seals, as we were advised. Thank you Adam Currey, your blood's worth bottling. 

Then it got dark before I could take some photos with the iPad, because I forgot to charge the camera, so you're going to have to wait for them. 

That's all folks, I'm pooped and looking forward to my bed. 

It's raining here in Dubbo but not cold.



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Practice towing

We've been practice towing today. I think we are both pretty proficient. 
We borrowed a trailer from the nephew who lives down the road. Gotta love them nephews. 
He will get get it back in one piece.

Don't you think VAN DEL is clever for a blog post label.

I do. 

I'll be using it as a label when I blog about our caravan trips. Got us a portapotti today, eventually, from Big W, cheapest in town. Also got us a portable UHF. It doesn't have to be fitted to the vehicle, which is good because I can't see any place to fix it in the car anyway. Aa and a kettle for a gas ring. Haven't had one of them for years. Whistle and all. Apart from the nudge bar and the towing mirrors, we're set to go. 

I'm bushed. Whew! Time for an iced tea. 


We bought a caravan today. 

I am now a 'VAN DEL'. 

More about this to follow. 

I also bought myself an All Blacks jumper and tee shirt. I love stirring up the Wallie followers. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

First day of Spring here in Australia

Well, what a lovely day. The first day of Spring here in Australia. Although, i do think maybe there should be a couple more season before Spring and before winter here. Our seasons just don't seem to conform with what has been established as seasons in the northern hemisphere. Norther Territory really only has two seasons like most equator countries, being  The Wet and The Dry. 
Anyway, He Who Suffers was up bright and early, like he usually is, and has whipper snipped and mowed the back yard, along with some help from his two four legged wet-nosed friends. I didn't hear a thing! Been doing a few head miles lately and my sleep pattern is so eradic as a result. It's all about planning a great adventure we are soon to embark upon. Were going to drive across the Nulabour to attend a wedding in Western Australia in December. And we are doing it with a tent, not a campervan as we had originally planned. But more about that later. I do intend to blog about it. Just trying to come up with a catchy/clever-dick header for two old fogies heading out on a 'proper' camping trip for the first time. Oh, we've done a few 2 or 3 nighters in the past when the kids were little, but they are 40ish and plus now so it was a long time ago. Neither one of use is as spry as we used to be. I know I'm beyond digging a hole and squatting in the bush with my creaky joints, so portable loos have been a major topic of conversation at a Facebook group I belong to. Everything Caravaning and Camping Australia. Nice lot of friendly helpful people. 

And I'm thinking something like this for my camping loo. Isn't it clever?