Monday, September 1, 2014

First day of Spring here in Australia

Well, what a lovely day. The first day of Spring here in Australia. Although, i do think maybe there should be a couple more season before Spring and before winter here. Our seasons just don't seem to conform with what has been established as seasons in the northern hemisphere. Norther Territory really only has two seasons like most equator countries, being  The Wet and The Dry. 
Anyway, He Who Suffers was up bright and early, like he usually is, and has whipper snipped and mowed the back yard, along with some help from his two four legged wet-nosed friends. I didn't hear a thing! Been doing a few head miles lately and my sleep pattern is so eradic as a result. It's all about planning a great adventure we are soon to embark upon. Were going to drive across the Nulabour to attend a wedding in Western Australia in December. And we are doing it with a tent, not a campervan as we had originally planned. But more about that later. I do intend to blog about it. Just trying to come up with a catchy/clever-dick header for two old fogies heading out on a 'proper' camping trip for the first time. Oh, we've done a few 2 or 3 nighters in the past when the kids were little, but they are 40ish and plus now so it was a long time ago. Neither one of use is as spry as we used to be. I know I'm beyond digging a hole and squatting in the bush with my creaky joints, so portable loos have been a major topic of conversation at a Facebook group I belong to. Everything Caravaning and Camping Australia. Nice lot of friendly helpful people. 

And I'm thinking something like this for my camping loo. Isn't it clever? 

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