Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jus Perfek

I think I might call the caravan "Jus Perfek".

a right. 
And all this caravanning caper feels so right.

juice; gravy.
And being able to do this caravanning caper is the gravy on the top, the result of all our hard work throughout our lives.

Perfek comes from 'The Darling Buds Of May', where the father, played by David Jason, had such a wonderful, positive, we-can-do-it attitude to life and things always worked out for them. He said that often. My friend Heather H often says it too. 

Fits under just perfek.

And have a look at how good this quilt looks in there! 
I have thought about giving it away a couple of times but never did 'cause I really like it. 

Suits the decor just perfek.


  1. Will look really great when you pull up in front of our place one day!

  2. Will get in touch with you soon.
    It could be sooner than you think.